Who Sold Out Boone’S Wife?

How do you find out who sold Boones wife?

Find the giant dinosaur and enter it.

Once inside, head up the stairs and go through the door at the top.

The Courier should meet a man named Boone.

Talk to him about his wife and the Courier will receive the quest to find out who sold his wife off to slavers so he may kill them..

Why did Jeannie May Crawford sell Boone’s wife?

Carla Boone’s apparent ingratitude grated on Jeannie May, who decided the best way to get rid of the problem was by selling her out to the slavers of the Legion, clearing a path to the Boone apartment so that they could abduct her with ease.

How do you gain Boones trust?

You have to gain his trust first, have him as companion while you wipe out Cottonwood cove, kill Caesar and whipe his entire camp, clear Nelson of the legion, gain NCR fame, and there are other ways to gain trust points, but everytime you reach a certain trust level he will talk to you about some things but then he …

Can you date in Fallout New Vegas?

As a female character, amusingly, you’re almost entirely limited to lesbian relationships, too. There’s only one male character by the vanilla game that a female can get busy with (well, choice of two between Santiago or Old Ben). The only other male character is gay, and only gives his services to male PCs.

Is Boone a good companion?

He’s a hellofa shot and has a mildly useful companion perk. Other than that, he is a moody prick that makes you have to worry about where you take him. I prefer others for perk reasons. They all can pretty much kick most every enemies ass efficiently.

Who is the best companion in Fallout New Vegas?

CassidyCassidy is one of the best companions in Fallout: New Vegas and it’s no surprise that so many wastelanders would love to have her fighting by their side. Cassidy is skilled with the use of ballistic weapons.

Who is responsible for Boone’s wife’s death?

Jeannie MayJeannie May, the unlikely woman responsible for the disappearance of Boone’s wife and unborn child, has been killed. Now, work your way back into the dinosaur statue and speak with Boone at your earliest convenience. Thankful for your help, Boone offers up a 1st Recon Beret, as well as 100 Bottle Caps.

Can you romance Boone?

no romance. And much less for female characters. Boone’s a badass, but he’s hurt. His character is deep, and has plenty of opportunity for expansion.

Where can I sell the gold bars from dead money?

Who can i sell them to? Your best options are: 1: The Vendortron outside the Gun Runners building is your best bet, you can trade in gold there for expensive weapons and ammo, as well as a healthy amount of caps.

Where does Boone go when you dismiss him?

They’ll go back to a designated spot. In Boone’s case, he’ll go back to his motel room.

Where does Jeannie May Crawford go at night?

Jeannie May Crawford’s house is a location in the Mojave Wasteland. It is home to Jeannie May Crawford, situated north of the Dino Dee-lite Motel.

Where does Boone go after one for my baby?

User Info: drumbum2288. He goes back to the town where you first met him. I did the same thing with a different save file and he turned up at one of the upstairs apartments in the hotel room.

Where does Boone stay?

Boone’s room is the residence of Craig Boone in the Dino Dee-lite Motel in Novac.

What really happened to Boone’s wife?

User Info: EverythingIsOP. Boone killed his wife as she was being sold so she wouldn’t have to live a life of slavery.

Should I kill the Nightkin in Novac?

You finish the quest and gain fame with Novac. The nightkin will respawn after the mission is completed after some time. … Even though you are killing a nightkin, it will not have any effect on Davison if you have started the quest Come Fly With Me and have not talked to him.

Does Boone care if you steal?

If the player character enters Boone’s hotel room after sending him back to Novac, Boone says “You need to leave.” However, staying in the room or stealing items while being noticed by Boone causes no hostility, but one will still lose Karma.

Can Boone die Fallout New Vegas?

They only die in hardcore mode.

What happens if I dismiss Boone?

You won’t lose progress if you dismiss Boone, nor will you lose any quests from your log, but you can only make progress while he is with you. This can make Boone’s quest impossible to complete as many of the history points involve quests or killing certain NPCs and are not repeatable.

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