Who Is The Army Chief Of India 2020?

What military rank is the Queen?

Living Members of the Royal FamilyName of royalBranch of serviceRank whilst activeElizabeth II of the United KingdomAuxiliary Territorial Service, British ArmySubaltern (equivalent to Army Lieutenant), Junior Commander (equivalent to Army Captain)Alexander Windsor, Earl of Ulster Crest of Lord UlsterBritish ArmyMajor7 more rows.

Who is highest ranking military officer?

secretary of defenseOur Leaders The secretary of defense is the highest ranking leader in the department and serves as the principal advisor to the president, the commander in chief of the armed forces, on defense policy.

Who is the next army chief?

The Commandant of Officers Training Academy (OTA), Gaya, Lt Gen Sunil Srivastava superannuated on December 31 and is to be replaced by Maj Gen VG Reddy on his promotion as Lt Gen on January 7, 2021.

Who are the bravest soldiers in the world?

Nepal army (Gurkha’s) is the bravest army in the world.

Is Nepal a safe country?

There’s a low rate of serious crime in Nepal. However, you should take sensible precautions. Watch out for pick-pockets and bag-snatching, particularly in airports, on buses and in areas popular with foreign nationals like Thamel, Sanepa and Kupondol in Kathmandu. Take care when walking around at night.

What is the salary of CDS Bipin Rawat?

CDS Gen Rawat starts contributing Rs 50,000 per month to PM CARES; to continue for 1 year. NEW DELHI: Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat has decided to contribute Rs 6 lakh to the PM CARES fund for Covid-19 over a period of one year with a monthly contribution of Rs 50,000, officials said on Sunday.

Who is the head of the army?

General James C. McConvilleThe 40th and current Chief of Staff of the Army is General James C. McConville….Chief of Staff of the United States Army.Chief of Staff of the ArmyDeputyVice Chief of Staff of the ArmyWebsitewww.army.mil15 more rows

Is Bipin Rawat Nepali?

Early life and education. Rawat was born in Pauri, Uttarakhand in a Hindu Garhwali Rajput family. The family had been serving in the Indian Army for multiple generations. His father Laxman Singh Rawat was from Sainj village of the Pauri Garhwal district and rose to the rank of Lieutenant General.

Is Bipin Rawat from NDA?

An alumnus of the National Defence Academy (NDA) and the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Rawat was commissioned into the Indian Army in December 1978 in the same unit as his father, the fifth battalion of 11 Gorkha Rifles.

Who is the CDS of Indian army?

Gen Bipin RawatWho’s WhoS.No.NameDesignation1Gen Bipin RawatUYSM,AVSM,YSM,SM,VSM,ADC CDS2Maj Gen Mukesh AgarwalDA to CDS3V Adm R HarikumarCISC4DA to CISC11 more rows•Dec 14, 2020