Which Is Better NCR Or Legion?

Can you be liked by NCR and Legion?

Yes it is possible.

As greener mentions, tags are a good way to raise the fame with Legion and NCR.

NCR’s reputation comes in easily through numerous quests, but Legion is hard to come by, unless you absolutely want to mess up NCR..

Where did the NCR originate?

NCR CorporationLatest variant of the logoIndustryInformation TechnologyFoundedDayton, Ohio (1884) incorporation 1900HeadquartersAtlanta, Georgia , United StatesKey peopleMike (Michael D.) Hayford (CEO) John H. Patterson (Founder)12 more rows

Can you become an NCR Ranger?

However, it is possible to get hold of the NCR Ranger combat armor or patrol armor and dress as one, but there’s no specific bonuses for doing so (and the usual results associated with wearing faction armour). And don’t forget the signature pistol: the Ranger Sequoia. Highly active question.

Does Caesar’s Legion use guns?

Due to the Legion being modeled after the Roman Empire, these men are sent into battle armed only with machetes, crudely made blades, and other blunt weapons. Firearms are used, but only by high ranking and important Legion soldiers and they’re usually basic bolt action rifles.

Who was the first NCR president?

President TandiPresident Tandi. Question 2 – What was the original capital of the NCR? Shady Sands.

Who would win NCR or legion?

Basically, they would win the battle, but lose the war. The Legion’s power base would be shattered while the NCR only lost troops, which they have the numbers to replenish. Without a leader like Caesar to hold them together, Legion would shatter and be very easily picked off.

Why the NCR is good?

The NCR are good morally but over-reach in terms of land. This causes them to be too dispersed. They also want to remove most cultures and replace them with their own, like Caesar, which can be seen when looking at Jacobstown and Red Rock Canyon/Bittersprings. They also want house out of the way.

What happens after Hoover Dam battle?

“After two weeks, Hoover Dam is taken over by the respective faction and the fighting stops,” kazopert explains. “The Kings will get eradicated by the Legion, if alive, the Brotherhood of Steel will take over Helios One and patrol the roads, and the Great Khans will evacuate their camp, taking everything with them.

What was the original name of the NCR?

Once again, the correct answers: Q1 – Tandi is the most popular NCR president in history. Q2 – Shady Sands was the original name of the NCR Capitol.

Can you join Caesar’s Legion in Fallout New Vegas?

House in Fallout: New Vegas. … If their group interests you, it is possible to join their ranks and serve under Caesar. To get the chance to join Caesar, you must continue the main questline until you reach the “Ring-a-Ding-Ding” quest.

Is the Legion good in Fallout New Vegas?

Legion lands are still said to be some of the safest as pretty much anyone that commits crime is put to death. NCR’s government also really isn’t that stable and is run by brahmin barons. … Legion lands are still said to be some of the safest as pretty much anyone that commits crime is put to death.

Why does the Legion want Hoover Dam?

IIRC, the reason the Legion wants the dam is because it represents power. Not the power it creates, but the power it gives over the Strip and outlying regions. His obsession is also with the NCR not having the dam as much as it is about him having it himself. …

Can you join Caesar’s Legion as a female?

You can’t as a woman join the legion.

What does the NCR want?

The NCR emphasizes and strives to support a plethora of old world values, such as democracy, personal liberty, and the rule of law. It also aims to restore general order to the wasteland, the improvement and development of infrastructure and economic systems, and overarching peace between people.

What is the best faction to join in New Vegas?

Caesar’s LegionCaesar’s Legion is the best faction to join, unarguably, because you could do way more good moving up their ranks than dying at their hands in some futile virtue signal to yourself.

Is Caesars Legion evil?

The boys being conscripted into the military and girls being enslaved, trained and sold. All of that is to say the absolute least of what they are potentially doing. Even by Fallout standards, the Legion is objectively evil.

What is the best choice in Fallout New Vegas?

Legion. Companions have the best ending with NCR, except Arcade, whom still lives happily. Almost every minor faction’s ‘best’ outcome is with sideing with the NCR, except for Goodsprings, the Fiends, and the Powder Gangers. Basically, the NCR is the best for the wasteland overall.

How powerful is the NCR?

The NCR military is one of if not the strongest armed force in the American Wasteland. The NCR has thousands of troops spread across multiple divisions plus a small air force. Also, we have to remember that the NCR was able to secure the entire Mojave, fight the legion, and also secure the home front.

Are NCR the good guys?

NCR seems like the “good guys” on paper, and the majority of actual NCR characters you meet fit the bill. That said, it’s impossible to ignore all the stuff going on in the background.

How can I join NCR?

5 Answers. First of all the NCR MUST come to you. After exiting the Lucky 38 after complete the quest “Ring-a-Ding-Ding” After that go to Camp Maclaron and talk to the Bounty hunter and ask where he got the Caps and he will say about the Major. After doing so talk to the Major and ask if you can do a bounty.

Who won the battle of Hoover Dam?

“2277 Legion forces under the command of the Malpais Legate fail to wrest control of Hoover Dam from the NCR. Despite heavy casualties, the NCR’s victory is celebrated back home.”