Where Is The Shipment Of Stealth Boy?

What happened to the ghouls in Come Fly With Me?

According to the end slides, they end up back in Novac, either helping with defenses and keeping it independent from the NCR, or helping with evacuation before it gets overrun by the Legion.

So wherever it was they landed was close enough to walk back..

How do I get to the Repconn basement?

Head to the south-western corner of the room and loot a dead Nightkin, the proceed up a ramp and through a doorway to the west. Turn south and go down some stairs to find a door leading to the REPCONN Basement area.

Who killed Boone’s wife?

Jeannie May, the unlikely woman responsible for the disappearance of Boone’s wife and unborn child, has been killed. Now, work your way back into the dinosaur statue and speak with Boone at your earliest convenience. Thankful for your help, Boone offers up a 1st Recon Beret, as well as 100 Bottle Caps.

Q1 – TandiQ1 – Tandi is the most popular NCR president in history. Q2 – Shady Sands was the original name of the NCR Capitol.

How long does stealth boy last?

30 secondsCharacteristics. The Stealth Boy is a portable device that, when activated, renders the user invisible for 30 seconds.

Who sold Boone’s wife?

Jeannie May CrawfordThis document tells of how Jeannie May Crawford sold Boone’s wife off to Legion slavers. Now that the evidence has been obtained, wait until Boone is at the sniping spot (between 10 PM and 9 AM) to confront Jeannie and ask her to take a stroll with the Courier in front of the dinosaur.

Can you skip Come fly with me?

Fallout: New Vegas – You can skip ‘Come Fly With Me’ by accessing the terminal in his hotel room and reading the ‘Khan Hospitality’.

Can you romance Boone?

no romance. And much less for female characters. Boone’s a badass, but he’s hurt. His character is deep, and has plenty of opportunity for expansion.

Where can I find sugar bombs in Fallout New Vegas?

LocationsLocationDescriptionGeneral storeSix can be found at the end of the shelf on the right-hand side when first walking in.188 trading postFour boxes found next to the Forecaster directly underneath the bridge.GoodspringsOne box on a shelf in Doc Mitchell’s house.NovacOne box on a bench in rentable motel room.13 more rows

Where does Chris Haversam go?

Chris Haversam is an engineer living in the REPCONN test site in 2281.

Where is the atomic fuel in Fallout New Vegas?

The atomic fuel is found just north of Clark Field. Another one located at the opposite side of radioactive golden gecko-infested ruins, near a dead pack brahmin. A corpse wearing a yellow radiation suit has a canister. Alternatively, one can use the rocket souvenirs (5 of them needed).

Where is Jason Bright New Vegas?

the REPCONN test siteJason Bright is the glowing one leader of the Bright Brotherhood ghouls at the REPCONN test site in 2281.

How do you get rid of Nightkins in the basement?

You can get rid of the ghoul by finding his friend in the basement (which probably requires a stealth boy, as if you kill any nightkin Davison will go hostile), or you can just outright kill him. Killing him doesn’t have any karma impact or faction impact IIRC.

Can you kill the ghouls in Come Fly With Me?

2 Answers. Killing Jason, or any other non-feral ghoul at the REPCONN test site will fail Come Fly With Me. … i.e you don’t have to kill anyone except the feral ghouls.

Can you kill yes man?

You can’t kill Yes Man. He is supposed to be a sort of fail safe, providing a way to finish the game even if you screwed up with all other factions. Besides, the Yes Man path is basically the Courier taking over.

Where does Boone go when dismissed?

They’ll go back to a designated spot. In Boone’s case, he’ll go back to his motel room.

Why did Jeannie may sell Boone’s wife?

Jeannie is a proud resident and businesswoman in the frontier town. … Carla Boone’s apparent ingratitude grated on Jeannie May, who decided the best way to get rid of the problem was by selling her out to the slavers of the Legion, clearing a path to the Boone apartment so that they could abduct her with ease.

How do you kill a Nightkin?

Anyway, the best way is to just use a 9mm and shoot for one of the legs and keep your distance. The best place to do this is to lure them in the first room (I think there were 3 controller stations lined up in the middle) where you dealt with the first Nightkin.