Where Is Mortimer New Vegas?

Where is the White Glove Society New Vegas?

The White Glove Society is one of the Three Families, responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Ultra-Luxe casino on the New Vegas Strip in 2281..

Why does the White Glove Society wear masks?

The mask is worn by unnamed white glove society workers. It is stated in-game that the intention of wearing the masks is to create an atmosphere of mystery with regards to the patrons’ impression of the hotel.

Does Chauncey always die New Vegas?

Chauncey is the only White Glove Society underling seen without a mask. … It is impossible to save Chauncey, as his death is scripted.

How do you expose in Mortimer?

If you plan on freeing Ted and exposing Mortimer, talk to him only after the head waiter has left the room, preferably the area, because he will be hostile if Ted is following you. Use the direct route to the banquet hall, and sneak while you enter, because the White Glove members will be hostile to you.

Where are the Van graffs?

The Van Graffs are one of the largest merchant houses and crime families in New California, with operations as far as the Mojave Wasteland in the east.

How can I help Mortimer?

Talk to Mortimer next about the missing man. If you want to help him, you’ll either need 62 points in Speech (odd skill check numbers in this quest by the way) or the Cannibal perk. He’ll open up to you about his plan and ask that you help him convince the White Gloves to go back to cannibalism.

Are the van graffs bad?

The Van Graffs are one of the few groups with evil karma, meaning stealing from them will not result in any loss of karma. … There are plenty of energy weapon & cells around the mohave(owb in particular) you definitely don’t need to rely on the Van Graffs for all your ammo & weapon needs.

Does Van graffs kill Cass?

A diplomatic solution for the Van Graffs (and the Crimson Caravan) also exists. … Keeping Cass requires wiping the Van Graffs out (unless you never finish her quest, or finish it and then never go to Freeside again). Bringing Cass in kills her, obviously.

Should I help the White Glove Society?

It’s good to help them by bringing Mortimer to justice and exposing his plot. Helping the White Gloves also increases your fame with the Strip, so I would say the better route would be to save Ted and place the blame only on Mortimer at the end.

What happens if you bug the Lucky 38?

Once the terminal has been bugged and the player character exits the Lucky 38, Emily Ortal may not be outside. After bugging the computer, Emily may enter the Lucky 38 casino to ask the player character if they have completed their task. She may even enter the presidential suite.

Are there any weapons in the ultra-luxe?

As with any Strip casino, the Ultra-Luxe requires the player character to surrender weapons upon entry. Certain holdout weapons can be brought into the casino by choosing the option beginning with (keep holdout weapons). If the player character’s Sneak skill is 50 or above, this option includes additional weapons.

Where is Philippe’s recipe New Vegas?

Location. This note can be pickpocketed from Philippe in the Gourmand’s kitchen at the Ultra-Luxe, purchased for 100 caps through dialogue, or acquired for free with a high enough Medicine skill check.

Should I kill Alice McLafferty?

Killing Alice McLafferty will fail the quest Pressing Matters (but it’s completely possible to complete that quest before killing her in Heartache by the Number). It is possible to kill the Van Graffs first by presenting Cass to them as requested, then objecting when they try to kill her.

Should I kill Heck Gunderson?

If Heck Gunderson is killed, Walter will pay the player 500 caps (1,000 with a Barter of 90) and they will gain 100 XP. If the player character succeeds in killing both Heck and Ted, Walter will pay them 1,500 caps and they will gain 200 XP.

How do you get into the White Glove kitchen?

The kitchen can be found in the Gourmand section of the casino, where you earlier spoke with Marjorie. If you move further into that location and look to your right, you’ll find another counter with more White Glove Society members behind it, and a locked door behind them.

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