What Is The Difference Between ConocoPhillips And Phillips 66?

Is Phillips 66 top tier?

Good news for drivers everywhere – our gas has 3 times more detergent than the minimum required by the EPA and 30% more than the minimum specified in the TOP TIER® Detergent Gasoline standard recommended by major car manufacturers..

Is Phillips 66 upstream or downstream?

The resulting upstream company will keep the ConocoPhillips name and will be led by Chairman and CEO Ryan Lance. The downstream company, led by Chairman and CEO Greg Garland, will be known as Phillips 66. Both companies will be headquartered in Houston.

What did Frank Phillips call his oil company?

1917: Brothers Frank and L.E. Phillips found Phillips Petroleum Company as a drilling firm. 1927: Company enters the refining and marketing businesses, opening its first gas station in Wichita, Kansas, under the Phillips 66 brand name. 1948: Phillips Chemical Company is formed as a subsidiary.

When did DuPont buy Conoco?

September 30, 19811981. September 30, 1981 – DuPont acquires Conoco, attaining 100% of Conoco’s stock in a transaction worth about $7.4 billion – the largest merger in U.S. history at the time.

Who bought Phillips 66?

Phillips Petroleum CompanyTypePublicFateMerged with Conoco Inc. to form ConocoPhillipsSuccessorConocoPhillips (2002) Phillips 66 (2012)HeadquartersBartlesville, Oklahoma , U.S.ProductsPetroleum4 more rows

What companies does ConocoPhillips own?

International Petroleum Holdings LLCDelawareKayo Oil CompanyDelawarePhillips 66 GmbHSwitzerlandPhillips Coal CompanyNevadaPhillips Gas Company Shareholder, Inc.Delaware18 more rows

When did Conoco merge with Phillips?

Nov. 19, 2001Phillips, Conoco set $15.2B merger – Nov. 19, 2001.

Did Conoco buy Phillips?

Phillips Petroleum Co. and Conoco Inc. agreed to merge in an all-stock deal valued at $15.17 billion, elevating two midtier U.S. players to the top ranks of world oil companies and uniting two of the last significant takeover targets in the oil patch.

What brands of oil does Phillips 66 make?

Our fuel brands, Phillips 66®, Conoco®, 76®, JET® and Coop, are backed by a network of 11 refineries, 200 terminals and 7,000 branded sites.

Is Phillips 66 good to buy now?

Given the strength of the dividend and the reduced stock price, Phillips 66 looks to be a good value right now. Income investors could do well to buy a little bit of the stock now and then add to the position if refining margins and crude utilization rates improve.

How many locations does Phillips 66 have?

2,570 Phillips 66 locationsThere are 2,570 Phillips 66 locations in the United States as of April 28, 2021.

Does Conoco own 76?

Tosco has since been purchased by Phillips Petroleum, which merged with Conoco to form ConocoPhillips. As of May 1, 2012, the “76” brand is owned by the Phillips 66 Company. Unocal continued to own the “76” trademark for use in its operations, with the exception of the divested Refining and Marketing business.

Should I buy Phillips 66 stock?

With that being said, I believe Phillips 66 is a fantastic stock for investors seeking a high yield and for dividend growth investors. The company is in a great spot, has a good balance sheet, and the ability to keep raising dividend payments for decades to come.

Does Phillips 66 own gas stations?

In the United States, we market gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel through approximately 7,540 independently owned outlets in 48 states. The sites feature the Phillips 66, Conoco or 76 brands.

Why did ConocoPhillips spin off Phillips 66?

Citing the desire to focus on value creation for shareholders, ConocoPhillips announced the decision to split the company between upstream and downstream operations in 2011. … The downstream business, known as Phillips 66, became an independent refining company.

What does the 66 in Phillips 66 stand for?

According to the Phillips Petroleum Company Museum in Bartlesville, the “Phillips 66” name for the gasoline came about by a combination of events. The specific gravity of the gasoline was close to 66; the car testing the fuel did 66 miles per hour; and, the test took place on US Route 66.

How does Phillips 66 make money?

Phillips 66 is an energy manufacturing and logistics company with midstream, chemicals, refining, and marketing and specialties businesses. The Company operates through four segments: Midstream, Chemicals, Refining, and Marketing and Specialties (M&S).

What happened to Conoco?

Conoco Inc. was an American petroleum company founded by Isaac Elder Blake in 1875 as the “Continental Oil and Transportation Company”. It is now a brand of gasoline and service station in the United States which belongs to Phillips 66 following the spin-off of ConocoPhillips’ downstream assets in May 2012.

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