What Happens If You Spare Danse?

What happens if you save danse?

If you were able to keep Danse alive, then he will head to the top floor with you.

As you are leaving the listening post, you are greeted by a very upset Elder Maxson, who has some harsh words for the two of you if Danse is still by your side..

Who is the voice of Paladin danse?

Peter JessopPeter Jessop (born June 29, 1964) is an American actor who is known for his video game voice acting. He is known for the voice of Miraak, the primary antagonist of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dragonborn DLC, as well as the voice of Paladin Danse from the video game Fallout 4.

Does dogmeat have a perk?

Although Dogmeat doesn’t have a particular perk like the other Companions, he does have some skills that give him a bit of purpose. When you talk to Dogmeat, you can command him to search for enemies, locate items, and even perform a trick.

Can you romance more than one person in Fallout 4?

Simply put, Fallout 4’s romance options are not mutually exclusive. You can flirt with, sleep with, and develop relationships with multiple characters concurrently, with both companions and regular NPCs.

How old is Jessop?

56 years (June 29, 1964)Peter Jessop/Age

Who voiced Kellogg in Fallout 4?

Keythe FarleyKeythe Farley, the voice of Fallout 4’s Kellogg. Now this level of secrecy isn’t particularly uncommon when you’re an actor in the games industry, he told me. Publishers are eager to avoid leaks and, well, actors have been known to cause them.

How do I trigger the Brotherhood of Steel airship?

Upon arriving at the airport, speak with one of the Brotherhood soldiers. Inquire about the airship, and the soldier will tell you to speak with Paladin Danse at the Cambridge Police Station for more information about joining the faction, as you must be at least a Knight to come aboard the Brotherhood airship.

What is the main Questline in Fallout 4?

Share All sharing options for: Fallout 4 main quests Jewel of the Commonwealth: Meet Piper and the mayor in Diamond City. Unlikely Valentine: Visit the Valentine Detective Agency. Getting a Clue: More sleuthing from the Valentine Detective Agency. Reunions: Trek to Fort Hagen.

What does Paladin Danse like and dislike?

Paladin Danse Initial Location: At Cambridge Police Station, upon the conclusion of Fire Support. Likes: Acts of kindness and choices that lead to violent outcomes. He likes it when you use the Vertibird and power armor.

How do I start shadow of steel?

Listen to Military Frequency AF95 At the end of the Main Quest: Reunions, players will emerge from Fort Hagen to discover a massive airship flying overhead. If you have already been inducted as a member into the Brotherhood of Steel, you will now be prompted to begin the Shadow of Steel quest.

How do you reprogram Pam?

To reprogram P.A.M., use the computer terminal nearby to access P.A.M.’s mainframe. Load the P.A.M. Decryption Program holotape that Proctor Ingram gave you, then select P.A.M. Decryption Start.

How do you unlock the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4?

Assist him and the other soldiers in fending off the nasty mutants, and then speak to Paladin Danse. As he enters the station, the Fire Support quest concludes. Speaking with Paladin Danse unlocks a new quest titled Call to Arms, at the end of which you are given the option to join the Brotherhood of Steel.

Should I keep giving Mama Murphy Chems?

That’s the benefit here – giving Mama Murphy chems can give insight into how to get yourself out of some situations that you might otherwise struggle with. … Honestly, you don’t need the help in your play through, and if you continue to feed her addiction, Mama Murphy will actually die when you give her the Psycho.

How do I get the spoils of war in Fallout 4?

How to Complete the Spoils of War QuestSpeak to Proctor Ingram.Fly to Mass Fusion OR Inform the Institute.Jump to Mass Fusion’s Roof.Locate the Beryllium Agitator.Retrieve the Executive Key Card.Proceed to the Reactor Level.Enter the Reactor Chamber.Unlock the Reactor.More items…•Sep 26, 2017

Who voices the sole survivor?

Brian T. DelaneyDelaney is an American actor and voice actor, who provides the voice of the male Sole Survivor in Fallout 4 and Master Mantis in the Kung Fu Panda games.