Should I Kill Alice McLafferty?

Where is Alice McLafferty?

Alice McLafferty is the New Californian executive manager of the Crimson Caravan headquarters in The Hub and current manager of the New Vegas branch in 2281..

Are the van graffs bad?

The Van Graffs are one of the few groups with evil karma, meaning stealing from them will not result in any loss of karma. … There are plenty of energy weapon & cells around the mohave(owb in particular) you definitely don’t need to rely on the Van Graffs for all your ammo & weapon needs.

Why do the van graffs want Cass dead?

Furthermore in order to get her to follow you to the Van Graffs so Jean-Baptiste can kill her you need to convince her to sell her caravan to the Crimson Caravan Company, so she doesn’t even own the name of her ruined caravan anymore. …

Can you complete birds of a feather without killing Cass?

User Info: David_741. Just kill the Van Graffs and use the Brotherhood or kill Cass. Van Graffs are still better to keep if you using energy weapons.

What happens if you kill the van graffs?

Do their missions first so you get loot and then get to know the game more, then kill them. Unfortunately nothing else happens.

What happens if you kill Gloria Van Graff?

Killing Gloria Van Graff or Jean-Baptiste Cutting will fail the quest Birds of a Feather. Killing Alice McLafferty will fail the quest Pressing Matters (but it’s completely possible to complete that quest before killing her in Heartache by the Number).

What happens if I kill Cass?

If Cass is killed, one will permanently lose her as a companion and fail her companion quest Heartache by the Number. … Jean-Baptiste will tell them to talk to Gloria, who will initiate the final portion of this quest.

Can you save Cass?

Just have her as a companion when you go the Van graffs when you talk the the guy there will be an opioions that says “if you try and kill her you’ll regret it” or something like that. They will start attacking you both, after you kill them you can loot their store for all there weapons and keep Cass alive.

What is the best ending for Lily New Vegas?

All things considered, her “best” endings are either where she dies, or takes her meds at full dose. Then she’s either at rest, or she forgets her past life, so she can let go and move on.

Where is Lily in jacobstown?

With the fall of Unity, the destruction of the Cathedral and the death of the Master, whom she didn’t like, she decided it was time to go home. Eventually, she made it to the settlement known as Jacobstown, led and watched over by super mutant Marcus, where she now lives, tending to the bighorners.

Should Lily wear the Mark 2 prototype?

Passing a Science check (90) will convince Henry to test the Stealth Boys on night stalker brains. One can also inform the Doctor the risk is too great, and Lily should not wear it. One can also tell him that Lily should continue to wear the Mark II prototype.

How Little We Know start?

Quick walkthrough Go to Brimstone and speak with Cachino. Steal the journal from his room. Pickpocket the journal he carries. Show the journal to Cachino and use it to blackmail him.

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