Should I Join The Legion Or NCR?

What’s wrong with the NCR?

The problem with NCR is that they lack “care” for local inhabitants.

In several cases, they don’t help struggling wastelanders, they tried to get supposed “squatters” to leave the houses they’ve been in for years before NCR even got there, and they don’t protect the roads from raiders and whatnot..

Why the Legion is bad?

Its evident no faction is perfect but the Legion has an overwhelming amount of moral issues (slavery, misogyny, nearly 100 confirmed mass killings, and warmongering) and is a hilariously unstable government only held together by a 55 year old man with a terminal illness.

Who is the bad guy in Fallout New Vegas?

CaesarCaesar (real name: Edward Sallow) is the charismatic, yet ruthless and cruel leader (and founder) of Caesar’s Legion. A former citizen of the New California Republic, he is the main antagonist of Fallout: New Vegas unless the player sides with the Legion.

Can you join Caesar’s Legion in Fallout New Vegas?

House in Fallout: New Vegas. … If their group interests you, it is possible to join their ranks and serve under Caesar. To get the chance to join Caesar, you must continue the main questline until you reach the “Ring-a-Ding-Ding” quest.

Who is worse NCR or legion?

Well depending on who your character is, the NCR are the least evil. The other thing to note is that with the NCR you deal with citizens and military, but with the Legion you deal ONLY with the military, who are certainly not the best liaisons for the culture as a whole.

Can you be liked by NCR and Legion?

Yes it is possible. As greener mentions, tags are a good way to raise the fame with Legion and NCR. NCR’s reputation comes in easily through numerous quests, but Legion is hard to come by, unless you absolutely want to mess up NCR.

What does Caesar’s Legion believe in?

Ideology. The focus of the Legion’s ideology is survival and long term stability at all costs. Caesar disregards democracies as ineffective, fostering corruption, and disintegration.

Who is the best faction in Fallout New Vegas?

Caesar’s LegionCaesar’s Legion is the best faction to join, unarguably, because you could do way more good moving up their ranks than dying at their hands in some futile virtue signal to yourself.

Is Legion bad FNV?

The Legion is not “evil”, besides, it is not that simple. Factions in New Vegas are much more ambiguous, especially compared to some of the more clear-cut good & bad guys in Fallout 3 & 4.

Can you convince the Brotherhood to join NCR?

Positive reputation with the Brotherhood If Still in the Dark has been completed, the Courier stayed on good terms with the Brotherhood, and McNamara remains Elder, a truce can be signed between the Brotherhood and the NCR. Go to McNamara and tell him the NCR wants them destroyed, he will then offer a truce.

Why the Legion is the best choice?

the legion is a more effective decision making body than NCR, who have disagreements and debates. all a waste of time. There is a time for talking and a time for making war. Caesar gets this.

Is Caesar’s Legion evil?

The boys being conscripted into the military and girls being enslaved, trained and sold. All of that is to say the absolute least of what they are potentially doing. Even by Fallout standards, the Legion is objectively evil.

What happens if NCR wins?

When the NCR wins Kimball or Lee get elected and continue to push imperialism and the legion crumbles.

Is the NCR corrupt?

The NCR has all the common ailments of a modern liberal democracy. Corruption, infighting, etc. The reason it appears more corrupt is that there is no frame of reference, the NCR is the only real nation that emerged out of the ashes of the Great War.

Is the NCR good for the wasteland?

Short term the NCR will bring stability and law to the Mojave. Their sharecropping farms will eventually spread and allow for greater amounts of food to be distributed among the people, and their solidified control of the Dam allows for more pure water too.

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