Quick Answer: What Should I Bring To Lonesome Road?

How long is Lonesome Road DLC?

around 4-5 hoursOverall play-time to complete the expansion is around 4-5 hours, which does not sound like a lot; however this needs to be matched against its price of USD 9.99, which we believe is more than fair given its quality..

Does Lonesome Road end the game?

The game ends when you finish the main quest so you have to do Lonesome Road first.

What level should you be for honest hearts?

Honest Hearts can be done at a reasonably low level, and in fact, has some great loot for lower level characters (6-10). Lonesome Road/Old World Blues have hard hitting, tough enemies so I would recommend 16-20. Dead Money isn’t as bad as people say, after you play through it a time or two.

Can you keep Ed-E after lonesome road?

User Info: N7Spectre707. The original ED-E gets all the same upgrades the LR ED-E gets, so functionally yes, you get to keep all the same benefits, but they are technically two different eyebots.

Can you revisit lonesome road?

Yes. You can always return to the Divide.

Can I come back to the divide?

You can leave the Divide at any time during the add-on without having completed it, and you can return afterwards. “He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.”

How do I start lonesome road?

Lonesome Road: After you step out into the Mojave for the first time, a new radio signal (titled only Radio Signal) appears, and a new quest (The Reunion). Follow the quest marker to the Canyon Wreckage and go into the Divide to start walking along the Lonesome Road.

How do I start Ede my love?

To trigger the first message, talk to any one of the following: Old Lady Gibson at the Gibson scrap yard. (If her conversation options have already been gone through before starting this quest, talking to her will no longer trigger this message.) NCR troopers at HELIOS One outside of the front door.

Can I leave the lonesome road at any time?

You could exit at any time.

What level should I start lonesome road?

In terms of level, 30-35 is good, though higher is better. There are challenging opponents in Lonesome Road, as well as some awesome high-powered gear that it’s nice to be able to take advantage of.

What happens if you nuke the Legion in lonesome road?

The only place where ghoulified Caesar’s Legion members can be found is at Dry Wells, if the Courier have directed the nuke to Legion territory (except for the marked Men). … However, with The Apocalypse, the player character gains access to the Long 15 and/or Dry Wells, and their subsequent loot.

What level should you start dead money?

The game recommends about 20+, and for good reason. You have all your equipment confiscated at the start of the DLC, so you have to rely on your characters basic stats and perks.

Can you bring Ede to lonesome road?

ED-E can carry faction armor, unlike his counterpart in the Mojave. … Completing the Lonesome Road add-on without freeing ED-E from Ulysses’ Temple awards the Courier with the Lonesome Road perk.

How hard is lonesome road?

It’s very doable if you’re sneaky and patient. Was playing on Very Hard. That said, if you’re level 44 and having trouble with OWB, this might be tough for you; but if all your skills are at 100, well, a few more perks won’t change the difficulty; might as well go while the going’s good.

Can I bring companions to lonesome road?

unless your playing on a pc or have hex edited, you cant take follower with you to any DLC. hell, even with the PC. mod companions like willow get in, if only because she has a recall radio.

How good is lonesome road?

Instead of going out on a big, adventurous high, Lonesome Road is practically a Fallout FPS, complete with named minibosses, Deathclaws and the new Tunneler enemies liberally scattered around. There’s even one of those sequences where you have to stay alive on a slowly descending lift.

How do I leave lonesome road?

you leave by fast traveling back to how you got in and leaving. Not disagreeing with you about level 20 being way too early to do LR, but you don’t need to pass the speech checks to resolve things peacefully. You can also.

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