Quick Answer: What Are The Factions In Fallout New Vegas?

Can you join Great Khans?

Joining the Great Khans isn’t as simple as some of the other factions.

There are two specific quests you must first complete.

The first is We Are Legion, in which you must kill all the NCR soldiers in Camp Forlorn Hope.

Dead Sea, a member of the Legion in Nelson, will give you this quest..

Are the White Glove Society cannibals?

Originally living in an underground cavern in the New Vegas area, the future White Gloves preyed on humans as a source of food. They have reached almost mythical status among the Mojave inhabitants. … When Robert House hired them, they denounced cannibalism and formed the White Glove Society and restored the Ultra-Luxe.

Can you get a girlfriend in Fallout New Vegas?

Sure you can have a few partners in your party, but overall Fallout is about the singular person’s experience in the wasteland. The characters are always singular entities, (Vault Dweller in FO1, The Chosen One in FO2, The Lone Wanderer in FO3, and finally The Courier in FNV.

Can you beat New Vegas without killing anyone?

Yes, you can beat Fallout: New Vegas without killing anyone.

What is the best Fallout New Vegas ending?

Companions have the best ending with NCR, except Arcade, whom still lives happily. Almost every minor faction’s ‘best’ outcome is with sideing with the NCR, except for Goodsprings, the Fiends, and the Powder Gangers. Basically, the NCR is the best for the wasteland overall.

Can you marry Fallout 4?

You can’t get married in Fallout 4, but you can attend Curie’s wedding if you help her out.

Who can you sleep with New Vegas?

Fallout: New Vegas sleeping partnersBenny.Red Lucy.Fisto.Dazzle.

Will Veronica hate me if I destroy the brotherhood?

Veronica will leave if your BoS reputation falls below a certain value. Destroying the BoS will give you a massive reputation hit, so you will most likely fall below the reputation required for keeping Veronica. At least the NCR quests you can do without having to kill the Brotherhood, as far as I remember.

Can I kill yes man?

You can’t kill Yes Man. He is supposed to be a sort of fail safe, providing a way to finish the game even if you screwed up with all other factions. Besides, the Yes Man path is basically the Courier taking over.

Should I kill Benny FNV?

You absolutely don’t have to kill him. If you don’t kill him he runs to Caesar who crucifies him, but even then you can free him and he’ll leave the Mojave completely.

What factions can you side with in New Vegas?

Major FactionsYes Man (Independent Vegas) – [Wild Card: Ace in the Hole]Mr. House – [The House Always Wins, I]Caesar’s Legion – [Render Unto Caesar]NCR – [Things That Go Boom]Yes Man (Independent Vegas) – [No Gods, No Masters]Mr. House – [All or Nothing]Caesar’s Legion – [Veni, Vidi, Vici]NNCR – [Eureka!]

Can you join factions in Fallout New Vegas?

You can join any number of minor factions but only one of the major factions.

Will yes man betray you?

The only point of Yes Man is so it gives you a chance to take Mr. House’s position and rule over Vegas like he did (although the ending kinda seems like a hint to Terminator in that Yes Man is going to betray you later on if they have DLC’s to continue the story).

Can you kill Mr House without losing karma?

Like someone else said, he’s listed as neutral in the G.E.C.K so technically his death shouldn’t affect Karma but it does for whatever reason. Because its unnecessary; you could just leave him exposed to die eventually.

Can the Brotherhood of Steel join yes man?

Although the Brotherhood of Steel will not side with the Courier and Yes Man, one has three solutions: Destroy Hidden Valley.

What happens if you kill every faction in Fallout New Vegas?

1 Answer. If you kill all NPCs that you see or even just the main quest givers, this will lead to your infamy with the major factions going up, as your infamy with a specific faction will go up if you kill any NPC that is a member of that faction.

Who is better NCR or legion?

The legion is better for the wasteland and the NCR is way ahead of it’s time, especially in a period where immediate action is vital, but house is the best, though, the strip prospers and rebuilding begins, maybe they’ll even have mk III or maybe even up to mk VIII securitrons.

How many endings does New Vegas have?

fourFallout New Vegas has four ‘main’ endings: supporting House, supporting the NCR, backing Caesar’s Legion, or working with Yes Man for an independent New Vegas. There are also variations on these, such as killing Caesar and allowing the Legion to win with Legate Lanius in charge.

What is the good faction in Fallout New Vegas?

If you think about it, there is really no “good” faction in Fallout : New Vegas, because none of them give you bad karma if you kill members of its faction. Killing people from the Legion gives you good karma, but killing people from the NCR or killing the robots controlled by Mr. House won’t give you any bad karma.

Can you become an NCR Ranger?

However, it is possible to get hold of the NCR Ranger combat armor or patrol armor and dress as one, but there’s no specific bonuses for doing so (and the usual results associated with wearing faction armour). And don’t forget the signature pistol: the Ranger Sequoia. Highly active question.

Is the legion bad in Fallout New Vegas?

The Legion is not “evil”, besides, it is not that simple. Factions in New Vegas are much more ambiguous, especially compared to some of the more clear-cut good & bad guys in Fallout 3 & 4.

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