Quick Answer: Should I Kill Ringo New Vegas?

Should you kill Ringo?

Killing him will result in reputation loss against Goodsprings.

If a companion kills Ringo, the Courier will not lose any reputation or Karma and will complete the objective for Run Goodsprings Run..

Does the Legion like Powder Gangers?

Due to their hostility, the Powder Gangers have little to no friendly relations with outside groups. They are hated by both the NCR, whom they were former prisoners of, and Caesar’s Legion, who massacred them along with the rest of the town of Nipton.

Should I side with the Powder Gangers?

Obviously the good folk of Goodsprings want to stay out of trouble entirely, but they are morally disposed towards favoring Ringo over some NCR convicts with a penchant for destruction. You can only side with one; defending Ringo from the Powder Gangers is covered in the quest Ghost Town Gunfight .

Where is easy Pete’s dynamite buried?

GoodspringsIn his prospecting heyday, Easy Pete was well versed in the use of explosives and considers himself an expert, and even has a deaf ear from using it too much. He still keeps a stash of dynamite buried around Goodsprings if ever a need arises for it, but won’t let amateurs handle it for obvious reasons.

What happens if you kill Joe Cobb in the saloon?

User Info: zX_Haloman_Xz. Killing Joe Cobb will kill Joe Cobb and net you experience as well as any Equipment that he may have had on his person.

How does karma affect FNV?

Karma does not have as much of an effect on gameplay as in Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout 3, since reputation has a more important place. … They may also become openly hostile despite one’s reputation with them not being lowered enough for the player character to be considered hated, where they will attack the Courier.

What happens if you side with the Powder Gangers?

either putting off the decision or siding with the powder gangers will make it possible to do the PG quest ‘i fought the law’ started at NCRCF. if you side with goodsprings, the gangers will all be hostile to you.

Does Ringo always die Fallout New Vegas?

Fallout: New Vegas Ringo died too, so that was pretty pointless.

What happens if you kill Joe Cobb before?

If one kills Cobb before the battle in Ghost Town Gunfight, several characters will remark on his death. … If Joe Cobb is killed, his body will never disappear.

Are the Powder Gangers part of the NCR?

The Powder Gangers were prisoners brought into Nevada by the NCR to rebuild the railroads. Housed in the NCR Correctional Facility, the prisoners were subjected to extremely harsh discipline, leading some to plan a revolt.

Where is Joe Cobb?

Joe Cobb hangs around the southern end of Goodsprings, on the road to Primm. He can be seen leaning against an old house, usually the one visibile from the “Speed Limit: 50” sign on the road.

How do I raise my Powder Ganger rep?

The Powder Gangers have so few quests, and each one raises your reputation by such an insignificant amount. Basically, if you do all their quests, you reputation will go up one level… at least that’s what I found. By reading this, you waive any rights you have to feeling bad about my making fun of you.

What happens if I take over Goodsprings?

If Joe dies during the course of the attack on Goodsprings, but the attack is successful, then the quest will end once all hostile Goodsprings inhabitants have been killed and grant the XP reward to the player character. No further reward is obtainable since Joe is dead.

Are the Powder Gangers bad?

Morally, they are probably bad. Since they kill innocents and stuff. However, it depends on what you think is “bad”. Their primary motivation seems to be revenge against their captors, NCR.

How do you get on the Powder Gangers good side?

The only thing is you have to quickly run away after done talking, as he’ll attack you. Once out of his sight, you can return to turn in the quests the same way you went to get him to talk to you. That’s got to be some good Powder Ganger rep.

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