Quick Answer: Is The Wind Jin’S Father?

Is Lord Shimura Jin’s father?

He is the jito (地頭; lord) of Tsushima (appointed by the shogunate) and Jin Sakai’s maternal uncle.

After Jin’s father died, Shimura continued Jin’s training in the way of the samurai.

He is voiced by Eric Steinberg (English) / Akio Otsuka (Japanese)..

Is Jin Sakai a ghost?

Yuna crafts a tale to explain Jin’s superhuman abilities, boasting to onlookers that Jin is not human, but a vengeful ghost – a story that sticks and results in Jin becoming known as the legendary Ghost of Tsushima.

Why is Jin a traitor ghost of Tsushima?

At the Sakai family cemetery, Lord Shimura reveals to Jin that he’s been tasked by the shogun, who have branded Jin a traitor, to kill him. … What this all boils down to is that Lord Shimura is so unshakably committed to honor and samurai code that he intends to kill his would-be adopted son in the name of it.

Is Jin Sakai Buddhist?

6 He Likely Practiced Buddhism.

Is Jin Sakai a ninja?

Jin using stealth techniques doesn’t make him a “ninja”, he’s still a samurai using stealth techniques and methods which are in keeping with what a samurai would have studied.”

Who is Jin Sakai’s father?

Lord Kazumasa SakaiLord Kazumasa Sakai was Jin Sakai’s father and the former Samurai lord of Clan Sakai.

Who is Jin’s mother ghost of Tsushima?

Lady SakaiLady Sakai was the mother of Jin Sakai and wife of Jin’s father, Lord Kazumasa Sakai of Clan Sakai. She was also the sister of Lord Shimura.

Why did Jin kill Shimura?

After the Mongols are defeated, Japan’s Shogun orders Lord Shimura to kill Jin as punishment for breaking the samurai code of honor. … Jin eventually bests his uncle and is faced with two choices: Kill Lord Shimura to honor his wish of a warrior’s death or spare him.

Does Jin Sakai have a love interest?

Unfortunately, Jin is singular in his purpose throughout the game, and the most romantic he gets is thinking about Yuna while soaking in the hot springs. That doesn’t mean that Jin doesn’t have any romantic inclinations, though. In fact, in a few scenes in Ghost of Tsushima, Jin and Yuna seem very affectionate.

What happens if you kill Lord Shimura?

Spare or Kill Lord Shimura Rewards If you killed Shimura, you’ll get the “Righteous Punishment” white coloration for your armor, as well as the Ghost mask and headband. If you spared him, you get the “Vow of Vengeance,” a crimson red dye that we feel is the superior of the two.

Does Shimura die?

Shimura is an old-school samurai, honor and tradition are very important to him. Shimura asks Jin to kill him so it’s not like Jin is stabbing his uncle without reason. Shimura won’t be angry at Jin for making this decision. … After the two say their goodbyes, Jin stabs Shimura in the chest killing him.

How old is Lord Sakai?

Early 30s but he has had a hard life.

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