Quick Answer: Is The Survivalist Rifle Affected By The Grunt Perk?

Does grunt affect the survivalist rifle?

Because of the nature of the game’s file architecture, Grunt does not affect weapons from outside the core game or Honest Hearts, such as the Bozar, the assault carbine, or the 25mm grenade APW from the Gun Runners’ Arsenal..

What are the best perks in Fallout New Vegas?

As before, we are only including perks you obtain on level-up and not from companions or quests.1 Worst: In Shining Armor.2 Best: Jury Rigging. … 3 Worst: Here And Now. … 4 Best: Implant GRX. … 5 Worst: Computer Whiz And Infiltrator. … 6 Best: Hand Loader. … 7 Worst: Lead Belly. … 8 Best: Finesse And Better Criticals. … More items…•Dec 12, 2020

Is Commando perk worth it New Vegas?

Commando is absolutely awesome because of how many great rifles of all ranges exist in the game, but pistols (and SMGS) on the other hand are kind of lacking in a use short of being holdout weapons or early-game silenced weapons.

Where is the survivalist rifle in honest hearts?

a duffle bagLocation. The Red Gate: The rifle is found in a duffle bag marked “The Survivalist’s duffle bag” next to Randall Clark’s skeleton.

Where are the survivalist caches in Zion?

Six Survivalist hidden caches can be found in Zion National Park, primarily in booby-trapped caves. They look like duffle bags and contain various items including ammunition, weapons, and apparel.

Does grunt and cowboy stack?

But if it doesn’t i could toss together a mod that would fix that issue. Console sadly :(, thanks for the effort anyway though! It does!

Is the grunt perk worth it?

I’d say it’s definitely worth a spot if you’re using guns much, though there’s probably more imminently useful stuff to get until something like level 20 if you aren’t doing HH at a fairly low level.

Is the survivalist rifle good?

A powerful rifle dealing strong damage with a lot of weapon health and it is repaired with sevice rifles, one of the most common weapons in the game. 12.7mm ammuntion can be bought in the Great Khan armory in plentiful supply and Legion troops know to carry it often.

Can I return to Zion?

Yep, you can go back to Zion, Big Mt, and the Divide whenever you want.

How do I start honest hearts?

How do you start Honest Hearts in Fallout New Vegas? If you have the DLC installed, you will get a radio station called “Happy Trail Caravans”, and a new map location up north called “Northern Passage” (near Horowitz Farmstead). Head to that place and enter the cave there.

Is the Cowboy perk good?

User Info: ghosta2. cowboy is an amazing perk as the lever action firearms are some of the best weapons in game. high damage, fire rate, and accuracey. the reload speed is somewhat slower but a good agi stat will take care of that problem.

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