Quick Answer: How Long Does A Stealth Boy Last FNV?

Is stealth boy a one time use?

The chemical, once released to the air, creates a stealth field.

So, Stealth Boy is a one time affair, because the chemical is released and gone..

How can I make my stealth boy last longer?

Having Lily as a companion doubles the duration of the effect, for a time of up to 4 minutes. The Chemist and Day Tripper perks also affect the Stealth Boy duration. Having all 3 affecting perks significantly increases Stealth Boy duration – up to 10 minutes, 38 seconds.

Where does Benny go after you save him?

Tops lobbyIf the player character has Benny come up to the presidential suite with them, and lets him survive, he will move to the front of The Tops lobby.

Where can I get a stealth boy in Fallout 3?

The Stealth Boy will be within the floor safe between two beds. Inside the VAPL-58 power station on one of the control panels in back. In the VAPL-84 Power Station. In the overseer’s office, sitting in the center of the desk.

Where can I buy a Stealth Boy Fallout New Vegas?

REPCONNThe nightkin carries a Stealth Boy in his inventory. One can be found in the REPCONN headquarters behind a locked door (Lockpick 50) in a container on the top floor.

How long do Railroad Stealth Boys last?

about 40 secondsCharacteristics. The Railroad Stealth Boy is a portable device that, when activated, renders the user invisible for about 40 seconds. Its effect lasts 10 seconds longer than a regular Stealth Boy.

How long is a stealth boy?

30 secondsThe Stealth Boy is a portable device that, when activated, renders the user invisible for 30 seconds.

Do stealth boys count as Chems?

User Info: Iminyourcloset. No, it doesn’t, the Stealth Boy isn’t a chem. Every point of Luck adds 1% to your critical chance, Finesse just adds another 5% to your critical chance skill.

Is sneak good in Fallout New Vegas?

Yes. It lets you sneak weapons into the Casinos and The Fort. Maybe more, can’t recall. I’d also say that if you play on Survival/Very Hard sneak becomes important to use Sneak in some sections of the game that are hard even with it.

Do stealth boys work on Deathclaws?

Deathclaws have 10 Perception, so even with 100 sneak and a stealth boy, they’re extremely tough to sneak up on.

How do you get a stealth boy?

One can be found in an Ammunition Box in Bradley’s Shack. Approaching the cattle pen in Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch reveals a Nightkin who offers to sell you a ‘Wind Brahmin’ (a stealth boy) for all your caps. Killing the nightkin afterwards or pickpocketing him produces another stealth boy as well as all your caps back.

What can kill a Deathclaw?

Luckily, V.A.T.S. make critical hits on Deathclaws a reality. Aim for the torso and head to deal the most damage, or even queue up a few shots on the Deathclaw’s limbs to cripple the creature. They also have high energy resistance, so use heavy weapons and ballistic rifles to help get the job done.

What is the best stealth armor in Fallout 4?

Shadowed Combat Armor is fine. Once you get the perk to cut movement sound it combines with the Shadowed mod to eliminate both sound and sight when in darkened areas.

Who made the Pip Boy?

Leonard BoyarskyPip-BoyFirst appearanceFallout 1997Created byLeonard BoyarskyGenreScience fictionIn-story information3 more rows

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