Quick Answer: How Do You Trigger I Could Make You Care?

Who ascended to heaven with Jesus?

BartholomewAs previously reported, after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, several eyewitnesses say that Bartholomew was present when Jesus ascended into heaven.

Some sources even indicate that Bartholomew also saw Jesus after He was resurrected..

How do I give Veronica Elijah’s message?

NotesIf you take the message to Veronica Santangelo it will trigger a unique dialogue. First talk to her about herself and ask about Father Elijah. … To receive Elijah’s Last Words select either “You should watch it” or “It’s a message. … If you want to receive Elijah’s Ramblings select, “Can you unlock it for me first?

How do I trigger Arcade Gannon’s quest?

The quest is triggered by having Arcade as a companion, gaining his trust, and having progressed to one of the main storyline triggers (even if he wasn’t recruited at the time it happened).

How do I start Veronica’s quest?

Once you’ve raised Trust three times, she’ll ask you to take her to the Hidden Valley bunker, and when you do the quest will begin. Note that some of these (such as the conversation with Julie Farkas) will only trigger if it’s the first time you’ve talked to the NPC in question.

What were Elijah’s last words?

According to body cam audio, these were McClain’s last words as he was restrained by police officers: I can’t breathe. I have my ID right here. My name is Elijah McClain.

What happened to Elijah?

According to 2 Kings 2:3–9, Elisha (Eliseus) and “the sons of the prophets” knew beforehand that Elijah would one day be assumed into heaven. … Suddenly, a chariot of fire and horses of fire appear and Elijah is lifted up in a whirlwind. As Elijah is lifted up, his mantle falls to the ground and Elisha picks it up.

How do I start Ede my love?

To trigger the first message, talk to any one of the following: Old Lady Gibson at the Gibson scrap yard. (If her conversation options have already been gone through before starting this quest, talking to her will no longer trigger this message.) NCR troopers at HELIOS One outside of the front door.

How do I get Veronica to leave the brotherhood?

If Veronica will not follow the player character anymore, they will have to go back to before the part of the mission where she speaks to the elder after they retrieve the notes, and directly tell her they want her to leave (do not suggest for her to stay, and do not allow her to choose for herself).

Did Alaric actually kill Elijah?

As they all get ready for dessert, Alaric gets the opportunity and kills Elijah himself in front of everyone (except Jenna) and asks Damon to hide his body before Jenna sees it.

Why does Elijah kill Klaus?

Elijah wanted to kill Klaus because he thought Klaus had killed Finn,Kol,and Rebecca. Once Elijah found out that Klaus didn’t kill them, but kept them daggers, and close so Mikael wouldn’t be able to use them against him. … He didn’t think they were dead, but thought klaus had tossed their daggered bodies into the ocean.