Quick Answer: How Do You Get The NCR To Like You?

How do I join the NCR?

Play the main storyline until you reach New Vegas and get to Mr.

House’s Casino.

If you exit the house, you’ll get approached by an NCR soldier.

he’ll send you to the embassy, where the NCR storyline begins..

How do I get Goodsprings idolized?

Accept the training offer from Sunny Smiles after leaving Doc Mitchell’s house (she can be found in the saloon). She will take you out to check the water pumps and kill some geckos. Complete the entire exercise. Near the end, a Goodsprings settler will come under attack by geckos.

How Little We Know start?

Quick walkthrough Go to Brimstone and speak with Cachino. Steal the journal from his room. Pickpocket the journal he carries. Show the journal to Cachino and use it to blackmail him.

How do you make a faction not hostile in Fallout New Vegas?

Try command code: “tcai” that disables combat AI (probably won’t work) or try “removefromallfactions” might work, but unfortunatly it removes your from ALL factions of the game and put you at NEUTRAL.

How do you make the NCR not hate you?

Talk to Ranger’s Ghost and Jackson. Do their quests, then go to HELIOS ONE (North of Novac, you can’t miss it. It’s a giant tower) Tell the woman who confronts you that you’re with the NCR (possible Speech check), then do “That Lucky Old Sun”. This quest should help with the NCR rep.

Can you become an NCR Ranger?

However, it is possible to get hold of the NCR Ranger combat armor or patrol armor and dress as one, but there’s no specific bonuses for doing so (and the usual results associated with wearing faction armour). And don’t forget the signature pistol: the Ranger Sequoia. Highly active question.

How do I raise my strip reputation?

For easy Strip rep, give stuff to Sarah. Easiest and fastest way to acquire Strip fame. For quick NCR infamy, activate Archimedes at HELIOS One, which I think you can do at any time (although don’t bring Arcade with you; he’ll permanently leave if you do this with him as a companion).

How do I get NCR idolized fast?

Talk with Colonel James Hsu. You will get NCR fame and talk with Major Dhatri in camp. He will give you a mission named Three-Card Bounty. Kill 3 Fiend leader and take their head and talk with Major Dhatri you will get NCR fame again and talk with Carrie Boyd you will get an unmarked quest named “Silus Treatment”.

How do I get the key to the NCR safehouse?

The safehouse is hidden in a rock face and requires a key to enter. The key can be received from Colonel James Hsu at Camp McCarran after gaining a reputation of Liked or higher with the New California Republic.

Where do I get NCR Ranger armor?

This armor can be found on NCR Veteran Rangers throughout the game in areas occupied by the NCR (e.g. Camp Golf, the NCR Ranger Safehouse, Ranger Station Bravo, Camp Forlorn Hope, etc.) or if the Courier is labeled a terrorist by the NCR, as there will be ranger kill-squads sent to eliminate them.

How do you get Cass to follow you?

You have to talk to Alice at Crimson Caravan first. She’ll have a quest that involves talking to Cass. After you complete it she’ll be able to join you. Yeah, you need to have her sell her caravan to the Crimson Caravan before she can leave the outpost.

How do I raise my reputation with the NCR?

Try doing quests for them or kill some legion soldiers. Every so many legion soldiers you kill give you a little good reputation. Go talk to major dhatri at McCarren and do his bounties on fiends if you want it raised a lot.

How do I get NCR idolized?

The NCR have more quests then any other faction in the game, just keep doing their quests and you eventually be idolized. Camp McCarran has a ton of quests, Forlorn Hope has a bunch and the quests from siding with the NCR for the final battle will most likely get you idolized.

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