Quick Answer: How Do You Get Ted Gunderson To Follow You?

How do you complete render unto Caesar?

The player character is ordered to meet with Cato Hostilius to plan the assassination.

One must now complete the quest Arizona Killer.

Failing Arizona Killer will still allow one to complete Render Unto Caesar..

How do you get into the ultra-luxe kitchen?

The basement kitchens of the Ultra-Luxe are accessible from the members-only area, where the door is unlocked, and The Gourmand, behind a door with an Easy lock.

Should I kill Heck Gunderson?

If Heck Gunderson is killed, Walter will pay the player 500 caps (1,000 with a Barter of 90) and they will gain 100 XP. If the player character succeeds in killing both Heck and Ted, Walter will pay them 1,500 caps and they will gain 200 XP.

Can the Brotherhood of Steel join yes man?

Although the Brotherhood of Steel will not side with the Courier and Yes Man, one has three solutions: Destroy Hidden Valley.

How do you get reputation on the strip?

For easy Strip rep, give stuff to Sarah. Easiest and fastest way to acquire Strip fame. For quick NCR infamy, activate Archimedes at HELIOS One, which I think you can do at any time (although don’t bring Arcade with you; he’ll permanently leave if you do this with him as a companion).

Where is Philippe Beyond the Beef?

Philippe is a White Glove Society member and head chef living at the Ultra-Luxe in 2281.

Are all white gloves cannibals?

Their Dirty Little Secret. However, like the Omertas, the White Glove Society has a dark secret: the original tribe that they came from consisted of cannibals. … Since they would all be cannibals at that point, none of them could punish each other for it and they would be forced to embrace it.

Where can I find Ted Gunderson?

Ted Gunderson is a character found in the Ultra-Luxe casino in 2281.

Can you join the White Glove Society?

The White Glove Society sees itself above the common people of the Mojave Wasteland. They claim to eat only the finest foods and wear the best clothing available in the wasteland. They do not allow just anyone to join them, in order to join the White Glove Society, one must have a notable member to sponsor them.

Why does the White Glove Society wear masks?

The mask is worn by unnamed white glove society workers. It is stated in-game that the intention of wearing the masks is to create an atmosphere of mystery with regards to the patrons’ impression of the hotel.

Does Chauncey always die?

It is impossible to save Chauncey, as his death is scripted. … It is impossible to advance in Beyond the Beef while avoiding Chauncey’s assassination.

Where is Ted FNV?

Ted Gunderson is a Californian citizen who is the surly, ungrateful, and inconsiderate son of notorious Brahmin baron Heck Gunderson. He can be found in the kitchens of the Ultra-Luxe casino, in Fallout: New Vegas.

How do I get Ted back to his father?

If you want to return Ted alive to his father, go to the Gourmand restaurant and use the elevator to go to the basement. A White Glove Society guard will ask what you are doing there. Inform him that Mortimer wishes to get rid of the kid without arousing suspicion if he cooperates, with a 55 speech check.

Should I help the White Glove Society?

It’s good to help them by bringing Mortimer to justice and exposing his plot. Helping the White Gloves also increases your fame with the Strip, so I would say the better route would be to save Ted and place the blame only on Mortimer at the end.

How Little We Know start?

Quick walkthrough Go to Brimstone and speak with Cachino. Steal the journal from his room. Pickpocket the journal he carries. Show the journal to Cachino and use it to blackmail him.

What do you say to heck Gunderson?

↑ 2.02.1 The Courier: “What else can you tell me about Heck Gunderson?” Walter Phebus: “What more you want? He’s a slithering snake, what he is. One of the biggest landowners this side of the Colorado and it’s all stolen, I tell you.

What is ultra luxe?

Very luxuriousul·tra·luxe adj. Very luxurious: “an ultraluxe, mixed-used shopping, residential and office scheme designed to imitate the sinuous curves of a river gorge” (John Ryan).

What was the White Glove Society called before?

the SawneysThe White Glove Society was originally called the Sawneys during development, but was changed at some point. They are still referred to as the Sawneys in the Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide in the description of the Ultra-Luxe.

How do you do beyond the beef?

Beyond the Beef(1) Ask around the Ultra-Luxe for information regarding Ted Gunderson’s disappearance.(2) Get Ted back to his father if he is still alive.(3) Inquire with Mortimer at the Ultra-Luxe about the investigator.(4) Get into the investigator’s room at the Ultra-Luxe.(5) Search the Investigator for clues.More items…•Jun 11, 2012

Are there slots at the ultra luxe?

Play the games that the casino has to offer (Blackjack and Roulette) until getting banned from gambling in the casino. The Ultra-Luxe does not have any slot machines, as they believe they are too noisy.

How do I disable Mr House?

Quick walkthrough The player character will then be able to choose either to continue with Benny’s plans or take on this quest, killing Benny. The Courier will have to head towards the Lucky 38 penthouse, locate the chamber in which Mr. House actually resides, and either choose to disable him or kill him.

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