Quick Answer: Do Powder Gangers Respawn?

What happens if Ringo dies?

Killing him will result in reputation loss against Goodsprings.

If a companion kills Ringo, the Courier will not lose any reputation or Karma and will complete the objective for Run Goodsprings Run..

What happens if you kill Eddie in Fallout New Vegas?

Killing him will result in the failure of the quest unless progressed far enough to betray him to the NCR. A positive reputation with the Powder Gangers will grant dynamite and various gunpowders from him.

What does vilified mean fallout?

Vilified means your Infamy is high, not the fame is low (lot of people tend to assume the latter, wrongly). And decreasing fame/infamy scores tends to not work, since the system was designed to take only increasing values to effect. Short: Unless it’s NCR or Legion, you don’t.

How do I get into the Ncrcf?

They can use Sneak (especially with a Stealth Boy) to pickpocket Dawes and open the door. If they get into a firefight with Dawes and kill him, they can loot the key from his corpse. They can go in, guns blazing and kill Dawes, and any other Gangers that engage them, in order to obtain the key from his corpse.

How can I help NCR take back Correctional Facility?

Just head over to the NCRCF and do their questchain until you get to the final one, then choose to help the NCR. Then head back to Goodsprings and do their quest. The quests are not related or tied together in any way, aside from the reputation you can gain/lose depending on how you do it.

How do you get reputation with Powder Gangers?

Effects of player’s actionsCompleting Ghost Town Gunfight will earn a negative reputation with the Powder Gangers.If the player character has a negative reputation with the Powder Gangers, groups of one to three of them will occasionally ambush them south of Primm and west of the Prospector’s Den.

Can you side with the Powder Gangers?

you dont really lose out on too much either way. either putting off the decision or siding with the powder gangers will make it possible to do the PG quest ‘i fought the law’ started at NCRCF. if you side with goodsprings, the gangers will all be hostile to you.

Should I kill Powder Gangers?

Don’t do anything to piss off the Powder Gangers. Go to the prison and start doing quests for them. … That’s the only way to rid the prison of them. Well, either that or kill them without the quest activating.

Can you wipe out the Powder Gangers?

All the stages have multiple possible solution methods, depending on how you prefer to handle stuff, and in the final stage of the quest, you can betray the powder gangers to the NCR and help the NCR attack the place. … It’s also the only proper way to “wipe out” the Powder Gangers for the purposes of the ending.

How do you make Powder Gangers not hostile?

You can never get the Powder Gangers to be non-hostile if you complete Ghost Town Gunfight and get Vilified though, as the best reputation you hope for after that is Wild Child, which is a neutral reputation. The Powder Gangers are, by default, hostile towards anyone with a neutral reputation with them.

Where is Joe Cobb?

Joe Cobb hangs around the southern end of Goodsprings, on the road to Primm. He can be seen leaning against an old house, usually the one visibile from the “Speed Limit: 50” sign on the road.

Are Powder Gangers bad?

The Powder Gangers dont seem all that bad. Sure they chose a different path to carve out their niche, but they arent killing innocent people. Shaking them down isnt too bad. They provide security and protection in exchange for money.

Should I help the NCR or Powder Gangers?

If one wants to help the Powder Gangers or sit back and let the NCR and Gangers fight it out (without betraying them), it is recommended that one visits the Cell Blocks and the Visitor Center, so that more Gangers will join the battle. This will lead to a slightly more even fight.

How do I get idolized by Powder Gangers?

When you kill Ringo a bunch of Powder Gangers spawn near Joe Cobb. Walk into them repeatedly pushing them all right next to Joe Cobb. Buy a stick of dynamite from Chet (or pickpocket one). Pickpocket Joe Cobb and perform the Shady Sands Shuffle.

How do you help Powder Gangers in Goodsprings?

Detailed walkthrough Go to the Goodsprings gas station and kill Ringo, then return to Joe. Joe will tell the player character to get supplies from Doc Mitchell or Chet. Chet can be convinced to supply the Powder Gangers with leather armor with a successful Speech or Barter skill of 25.

Where are the Powder Gangers in Fallout New Vegas?

Powder GangerBiography and appearanceRaceHumanGenderMaleAffiliationPowder GangersLocationGoodsprings (potentially) NCR Correctional Facility Powder Ganger camp north Powder Ganger camp east Powder Ganger camp south Powder Ganger camp west Whittaker Farmstead I-15 Hunter’s farm5 more rows