Quick Answer: Can You Kill Everyone In New Vegas?

Can you kill everyone in Goodneighbor?

so to do this you never really kill anyone.

you just gotta go find the robot KL-E-O.

this will work with virtually every robot in the game.

although K-LEO is the most dangerous of all robots in cities..

Is Mr House a bad guy?

That said, while Mr House isn’t evil IMO, he’s not the best pick. If you look at his plans and goals, he basically intends to become the Enlightened Despot, the Philosopher King who rules wisely, but absolutely. This is a nice vision, but even the most enlightened despotism is still despotism.

What happens if you have bad karma in Fallout New Vegas?

Kill Fiends or Powder Gangers if one’s Karma is too low. Steal items if one’s Karma is too high. The level 50 perks added by Lonesome Road (Ain’t Like That Now, Just Lucky I’m Alive, and Thought You Died) all reset Karma to 0.

Are Powder Gangers bad?

The Powder Gangers dont seem all that bad. Sure they chose a different path to carve out their niche, but they arent killing innocent people. Shaking them down isnt too bad. They provide security and protection in exchange for money.

How do you kill Caesar?

– Simply sneak in a silenced weapon and take him out with a few headshots. – Refuse to disarm at the gate and blast your way through the Legion to get to Caesars tent. – Eliminate him through the quest Et Tumor, Brute.

What happens if you kill Caesar before Benny?

Is it possible to off Caesar before meeting House, for example? Nope AFAIK. You’ll have to be invited to see Ceasar. Meaning either kill Benny or let him go then Vulpes will meet you outside The Tops goving you the Mark of Ceasar.

How do you kill marowski in Fallout 4?

Marowski is in Goodneighbor. You can choose to talk to him about the chem deal first, or just kill him. An easy way to kill him is to wait till he is sleeping, and kill him when he alone.

Can you beat New Vegas without killing anyone?

Yes, you can beat Fallout: New Vegas without killing anyone.

What happens if I kill Caesar?

However, killing Caesar is totally possible, but killing him will only impact the Legion side of the main quest line. The Second Battle of Hoover Dam will not be affected by your killing of Caesar, the Legion will still attack in the same fashion as they do in any other style of NCR or Independent Vegas playthough.

How many endings are in New Vegas?

fourFallout New Vegas has four ‘main’ endings: supporting House, supporting the NCR, backing Caesar’s Legion, or working with Yes Man for an independent New Vegas. There are also variations on these, such as killing Caesar and allowing the Legion to win with Legate Lanius in charge.

Should I kill Benny FNV?

You absolutely don’t have to kill him. If you don’t kill him he runs to Caesar who crucifies him, but even then you can free him and he’ll leave the Mojave completely.

Can you kill Mr House without losing karma?

Like someone else said, he’s listed as neutral in the G.E.C.K so technically his death shouldn’t affect Karma but it does for whatever reason. Because its unnecessary; you could just leave him exposed to die eventually.

Can you kill all factions in Fallout New Vegas?

1 Answer. If you kill all NPCs that you see or even just the main quest givers, this will lead to your infamy with the major factions going up, as your infamy with a specific faction will go up if you kill any NPC that is a member of that faction.

Can you beat Fallout 4 without killing?

Fallout 4 has a perk called “Wasteland Whisperer” which lets the player pacify enemies—instead of attacking the player, the enemy will simply put their hands up. … It just gives you a chance of calming down your enemies, and Hinckley can’t rely on a dice roll to complete the game with zero kills.

Will yes man betray you?

The only point of Yes Man is so it gives you a chance to take Mr. House’s position and rule over Vegas like he did (although the ending kinda seems like a hint to Terminator in that Yes Man is going to betray you later on if they have DLC’s to continue the story).

What is the best ending in Fallout New Vegas?

Good Karma personal VegasGood Karma personal Vegas is the best ending. I think we can all agree having Hoover Dam in Legion hands is no good.

Should I kill Caesar during surgery?

Kill Caesar during the operation. Leave Caesar unharmed during the operation. To remain friendly with the Legion after Caesar’s death, you must pass a skill check (Speech 50, Medicine 50, or a high Legion reputation) when speaking to Lucius.

How many NPCs are in Fallout New Vegas?

2200Okay one thing I heard about this game that got me fairly excited was the fact that there are 2200 unique NPC’s (non-player characters) in this game, AND you can kill all but 1 or 2 of them.

What happens if you kill everyone in New Vegas?

If killed he will simply respawn. This is explained in that he is not actually a specific Securitron, but rather a program (more like a virus really), that can run on any Securitron, and if the one which he currently inhabits is destroyed, he will just download into a new body.

Can you kill everyone in Fallout?

They’re called “essentials” and are typically the ones that give you the main quests which allow you to further the story. As for everyone else, they can all be killed.

Can you kill yes man?

You can’t kill Yes Man. He is supposed to be a sort of fail safe, providing a way to finish the game even if you screwed up with all other factions. Besides, the Yes Man path is basically the Courier taking over.