Question: Why Does Ulysses Hate The Courier?

How do I get Ulysses duster?


The Courier will receive Ulysses’ duster upon completion of The Apocalypse, regardless of the player’s chosen ending.

The exact style that is received depends on the player’s reputation with various factions..

Why did the courier destroy the divide?

The NCR had hired the Courier to deliver the machine to the Divide so that they could’ve studied it and learned more about it. The Courier delivered the package and then left the Divide shortly afterwards, leaving the NCR to do with it as they wished.

Is the courier a synth?

User Info: Devil_Killer_JC. LoL, no, there’s no way the Courier is a synth. First off, spoilers: Also, the Mojave is on the other side of the USA; it would take a VERY long time for a synth to get there from the Commonwealth (it’s implied that it took Kellogg a decade to get from NCR to the Commonwealth).

Why does Ulysses wear a mask?

This face mask is designed to protect the wearer from environmental hazards. … When Ulysses is encountered in the Divide, he will be wearing this mask along with his duster.

Does Lonesome Road end the game?

No. It explicitly says in the end slides that the Courier still has to go down the road they chose at Hoover Dam. Lonesome Road is easily the climax of the Courier’s story, but not the story of New Vegas, which is bigger than them even if they are the centerpiece.

Is the courier a Lobotomite?

The Courier is still considered a lobotomite to Dr. Klein and the other scientists upon completion of Old World Blues. Strangely their heads can be crippled, considering the Brainless perk makes it impossible to cripple the head.

What level should I be for lonesome road?

Lonesome Road is meant to be done as close to the end of the game as possible. Complete all the other DLC and be on the last mission in the endgame before you start it. Honest Hearts does not have an official recommended level. Dead Money is recommended for 20+, Old World Blues 15+, and Lonesome Roads 25+.

Why does Ulysses want to kill the courier?

The resulting explosions turned The Divide into what is seen in the Lonesome Road DLC, a treacherous place full of danger at every turn. This is why Ulysses is mad at the Courier, because he saw the Courier build up this area only to destroy it and kill nearly everyone who lived there, albeit unintentionally.

Does the Courier have amnesia?

The Courier doesn’t have amnesia, he is not from the Mojave, he seems to come from NCR territory, he never asks what is the NCR but rather what people think about them, the Divide destruction could have happened after he was already on another city making another delivery.

Can you spare Ulysses?

Ulysses’ eyebots are also capable of healing his injuries and providing support. … If one decides to spare his life, they will have to pass a hard Speech check of 100 (90 if you have a high reputation with the NCR or Legion or the Strip), which makes Ulysses join the Courier against the incoming marked men.

How old is the courier?

He was born 23/03/2221 and is 20 years old by the start… As for the rest I guess it’s anyone’s guess. I remember I stated on another post that the courier was 20 and nearly everyone downright disagreed but it’s all opinion.

What happens to the Courier?

In one of the endings of Dead Money, the Courier can become trapped within the Sierra Madre vault and eventually die there. However, since the events of Dead Money must take place before the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, this ending is non-canon, as the Courier’s true fate sees them taking part in the battle.

Who is the other courier Fallout New Vegas?

UlyssesUlysses is a courier and former Frumentarius of Caesar’s Legion. In 2281, he was one of seven couriers hired by Victor to carry strange packages to the New Vegas Strip, but his delivery was left to the Courier after Ulysses’ mysterious disappearance.

How do you beat Ulysses in lonesome road?

Originally Answered: In Fallout, how do you beat Ulysses? Berfore you interact with him you can use stealth and sneak up into easy sniper range. A . 50 cal anti-material rifle, explosive bullet to the head, while hidden in sneak mode will result in a one shot kill if done right.

Is the lone wanderer a synth?

IMHO the lone wanderer is a synth SPOILER. It’s Sole Survivor. When the Railroad gives synths new memories, there’s no evidence that they just give them a day’s worth. Gabriel speaks of remembering his parents and Danse talks about growing up in Rivet City. …

Who is the strongest fallout protagonist?

Takes on 2 big factions the legion and NCR. Like the courier has to be the strongest character. You answered your own question. 2 shots to the head, buried alive, and still came back to take revenge on those who almost killed him as well as playing a pivotal role in a large scale war.

Is the courier male or female?

Courier has no canon gender. It is this way so that each player may have his or her own headcanon.

Can you keep Ed-E after lonesome road?

The original ED-E gets all the same upgrades the LR ED-E gets, so functionally yes, you get to keep all the same benefits, but they are technically two different eyebots.

Can you go back to the divide?

Yep, you can go back to Zion, Big Mt, and the Divide whenever you want.