Question: Where Is Troike?

What is Big Sal’s password for?

It can be found on Big Sal.

It is used to open his terminal and unlock the safe in his office.

It translates to “Daddy’s Home!”.

Where can I find evidence to exonerate troike?

Location. It can be found inside Big Sal’s office in the safe.

How do I get to troike Fallout New Vegas?

You have to help two Family members – Troike and Clanden. Go to the elevator leading to the [Gomorrah Lower Level] (M7F:3). When you’re downstairs, open a door (M7G:1) with a key and head to the room where you’ll find Troike (M7G:2) #1. Ask him what he needs – you have to help him to find a missing shipment of weapons.

Where is Big Sal’s office?

GomorrahBig Sal’s office is located upstairs from the main casino floor of Gomorrah, next to the Zoara Club.

How do you get into Cachino’s room?

Either way, with or without a purchased key, you’re going to need to head up to the suites in the casino to access Cachino’s private room. Use an elevator at the back end of the main floor to head up to the Suites Level. Once there, move forward and head left down the pathway you encounter.

Should I kill or disable Mr House?

House actually resides, and either choose to disable him or kill him. If one chooses to kill Mr. House, meet Yes Man at The Tops casino and accompany him to Lucky 38.

Can you wipe out the Omertas?

No, the rep on the strip depends on not wiping out anyone, because it supposedly causes too much disruption.

Can I kill yes man?

You can’t kill Yes Man. He is supposed to be a sort of fail safe, providing a way to finish the game even if you screwed up with all other factions. Besides, the Yes Man path is basically the Courier taking over.

How do I beat Mr House?

Activate the terminal inside and ride the secret elevator to House’s life support chamber. Once inside the chamber, you will see Mr. House’s statis pod. Using the nearby terminal, you can either sterilize the pod to kill House, or open the pod and kill him personally.

Where is Cachino New Vegas?

the Gomorrah casino and hotelCachino is a member of the Omertas family living in the Gomorrah casino and hotel in 2281.

Do you have to kill Mr House for the NCR?

KILL! Yes you can kill him, it won’t change the NCR quest by very much.

Will yes man betray you?

The only point of Yes Man is so it gives you a chance to take Mr. House’s position and rule over Vegas like he did (although the ending kinda seems like a hint to Terminator in that Yes Man is going to betray you later on if they have DLC’s to continue the story).

How do I find out what Clanden does?

There is a secret compartment that you need to lockpick behind the big round-shaped bed in the room where you meet clanden. Also, if you go to the locked door on that floor, you will find the body of a dead hooker that he has mutilated.

Where are my weapons in Gomorrah?

The weapons are located in the room where you ask for chips.

How do I get out of troike contract?

Talk to Big Sal, or look around for some evidence to exonerate him. Troike would like help talking Big Sal into letting him out of his contract. Show the blackmail proof from Big Sal to Troike. Big Sal agreed to let Troike out of his contract.

Who has a key to Cachino’s room?

The key to the room can be bought from the receptionist with 300 caps (a Barter check of 55 lowers it to 200) or by intimidating her with a Strength of 8. Talk to Cachino about suspicious deals in Gomorrah.

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