Question: Where Is The Missing Brotherhood Patrol At Nellis?

Can you get the Brotherhood of Steel to join yes man?

Yes Man: the Brotherhood will never support you directly.

They are, however, willing to ally with the NCR, if Elder McNamara is still in power – which is good for you, too, if you’re on good terms with the NCR..

Who has the head Paladin keycard?

It can be acquired by pickpocketing it from the head paladin in the Hidden Valley bunker, who may be either Hardin or Ramos, depending on choices made during the Still in the Dark quest. It can also be looted from their corpse.

How do you destroy the Brotherhood of Steel bunker?

Their base is located in Hidden Valley and can be destroyed by using a terminal to self-destruct their base. To self destruct their base you need either a science skill of 100 or all three key cards from the elder, head paladin, and head scribe.

Where is the self destruct terminal Brotherhood of Steel?

Linda Schuler’s medical roomTerminal is located in Linda Schuler’s medical room, east on Level 1.

Where is Edgar Hardin?

the Hidden Valley bunkerHead Paladin Edgar Hardin is a member of the Mojave Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel, living in the Hidden Valley bunker in 2281. He can usually be found in his chamber off the left of the main chamber on the bunker’s second level.

Should I remove elder McNamara?

yes, DO NOT replace Mcnamara with Harden if you want to side with the NCR. Not a bug, Hardin just doesn’t want to side with the NCR. No. It has no effect on gameplay and, in fact, is a net negative story-wise, preventing the acquisition of two positive ending slides.

What happened elder McNamara?

If Elder McNamara is overthrown, he will be demoted to knight and can be found working in the knight’s workshop, wearing a suit of recon armor.

How do I destroy the Prydwen?

The quickest way to do that is to kill a named member. The Minutemen use thier artillery shells to destroy the Prydwen.

Do I have to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel?

One does not need to blow up the Brotherhood Of Steel bunker; killing the members is sufficient.

Where is the dead Brotherhood of Steel Paladin?

Paladin FairbanksMission statement CB-03 This transcript can be found on the body of Paladin Fairbanks, in an irradiated crater near Hidden Valley. Head right after exiting the bunker to a hole in the fence and follow the trail. You will encounter a unique centaur named Moe and additional centaurs in and around the crater.

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