Question: Where Is The C4 In Vault 19?

Will yes man betray you?

The only point of Yes Man is so it gives you a chance to take Mr.

House’s position and rule over Vegas like he did (although the ending kinda seems like a hint to Terminator in that Yes Man is going to betray you later on if they have DLC’s to continue the story)..

Should I kill or disable Mr House?

House actually resides, and either choose to disable him or kill him. If one chooses to kill Mr. House, meet Yes Man at The Tops casino and accompany him to Lucky 38.

What happens if you fail don’t tread on the bear?

This can lead to problems if having entered Nellis Air Force Base and the trooper catches up, as when he walks out of Nellis, the Artillery Barrage will annihilate him. This will result in failing “Don’t Tread on the Bear!” and may result in the label as a terrorist.

Where is Mr House Secret Bunker?

Fortification Hill(1) (Optional) Find Mr. House’s hidden bunker, buried beneath the Legion Stronghold at Fortification Hill.

How do I get to the lucky 38 in the control room?

A terminal to open it is to the left of House’s control center, which requires either a Science skill of 75, the platinum chip, or the Lucky 38 VIP keycard to operate. Inside are two Securitrons. Using the terminal opens a hidden door, causing the Securitrons guarding the room to turn hostile.

How did Sam Cooke?

Sam Cooke was shot and killed in what police ruled a “justifiable homicide,” but those closest to him called foul play. On Dec. 11, 1964, singer Sam Cooke burst into the main office of the Hacienda Motel in El Segundo outside Los Angeles. He was in nothing but a jacket and one shoe.

How do I get into Vault 19 overseers office?

Main area. A ladder leads down from the sewer grate into a small room containing the Vault door and its control panel. Passing through the main entrance into a hallway, to the left and right of the entrance are the two overseers’ offices.

How do you get into Vault 22?

Once inside, an Average locked door must be opened on the lower level in the northwestern corner of the room or progress to the overseer’s office, and use the terminal and disengage the lock. Once inside, the first room on the left, on a shelving unit will have the Vault 22 cave door keycard.

What happened to all the people in Vault 111?

So in Vault 111 you discover some notes and log entires that tell you that the staff of Vault 111 ran out of food, which eventually resulted into them turning against each other and all of them dying.

Why did Bertha kill Sam?

Cooke was shot dead at the age of 33 by motel manager Bertha Franklin, who said the singer broke into her office and attacked her. Because of this, Cooke’s death was deemed a “justifiable homicide” and Franklin was never charged.

How did Sam Cooke die according to the news?

On December 11, 1964, in response to a reported shooting, officers of the Los Angeles Police Department were dispatched to the Hacienda Motel, where they found musician Sam Cooke dead on the office floor, shot three times in the chest by the motel’s manager, Bertha Franklin.

Is there a vault 1 in Fallout?

Vault 1 is one of the Vault series of fallout shelters developed by the Vault-Tec Corporation, located somewhere in the Great Midwest Commonwealth.

Where is Samuel Cooke?

Samuel CookeBiography and appearanceGenderMaleAffiliationPowder GangersRoleAnti-NCR revolutionaryLocationVault 199 more rows

What was the purpose of Vault 111?

Vault-Tec designed Vault 111 to observe the effects of long-term cryogenic suspended animation on unsuspecting test subjects. Vault 111’s staff consisted of an overseer and a small team of scientists, security guards and facility maintenance personnel employed on a short-term basis.

How do you get the HEPA filter in Vault 22?

Six filters can be found within Vault 22, in a locker on the oxygen recycling level. The room can only be accessed by the vault’s adjoining cave system, due to debris blocking the normal entrance. A keycard is required for access.

Where is the vent in Vault 22?

The vents can be found in an area at the end of the hallway nearest the Data Room and the room nearby room full of mantises. Next, one will need either explosives or an energy weapon with which to ignite the blast.

Where is the gun in Vault 22?

The AER14 is lying on the ground next to a scorched skeleton. It is possible that a companion will pick it up. If the weapon is not present near the skeleton, check the inventory of all companions.

Can you become Overseer of Vault 81?

If you have a high enough Charisma stat, you can emphasize your status as a fellow Vault Dweller in the conversation and convince the Overseer to open the door. Once inside, you will find the Overseer, Officer Edwards, and various other Vault Dwellers roaming around.

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