Question: Where Is Christine At The End Of Dead Money?

How do I save my dog in dead money?

Note that if you want to save Dog, and you can save him (you need at least 50 in Speech to even get him to talk down), you don’t have to shut the valves off.

You can just talk him down.

You just have to sneak up on him and start the conversation..

What level should I play dead money?

Dead Money is recommended for 20+, Old World Blues 15+, and Lonesome Roads 25+. My assessments up there were based on my experiences entering the DLC as the came out starting at original level cap of 30. The DLC raise the cap to 50. I would recommend only starting DM, OWB, and LR after hitting 30.

Can you get all the gold from Sierra Madre vault?

If you want to get all of the gold bars from the sierra madre vault, try doing this: … when you are standing right at the force field and facing it, open the pip-boy and drop the gold bars.

How do you escape gold in dead money?

Once he’s dead, loot his corpse and place all the gold on his corpse. You’ll have to run the long way around to get to the elevator but since his body is within the force field, you’ll be able to loot his body on the other side, take all the gold, and quickly escape.

Where is Christine in the executive suites?

Exit left into the corridor, with a vending machine in an alcove on the right. Go forward, and on the right will be some double doors which lead to Vera’s suite. Enter the suite and find a bookshelf on the left holding a Big Book of Science. Christine is in the bedroom through the nearby door.

How do you kill holograms in dead money?

The only way to permanently disable a hologram is to destroy its emitter. Although housed in space-age alloys, they can be destroyed with blunt force or disabled by tampering with their circuits. The latter generally meant having to contact National Electric for repairs, as user maintenance was strongly discouraged.

Can you revisit Sierra Madre?

You can go back to Sierra Madre. You can only go back using console command. Use ‘tcl’ in console command, that can make you walk through door. In the Abandoned BoS Bunker you’ll see the Sierra Madre radio in the end of the room.

Can you take companions to dead money?

The only way to take gear into Dead Money, is by using the multiple companion exploit. Then loading up a follower, except for Boone, and Arcade, as those are the two that cannot go there, with the items you want to take with you.

How do you get Christine to the elevator?

Quick walkthrough Go through to the station, dealing with the radio speakers found along the way. Go along the walkways and through the rooms ahead until the maintenance elevator and remote maintenance terminal are reached. Christine will initiate a conversation. Decide to send Christine down in the elevator.

How do I get into the Sierra Madre vault?

While turning the corner after exiting the hologram room, the collar will start beeping while running toward a speaker on the wall outside the force field. There is a terminal that deactivates the weapon turrets and the blue force fields around the vault, allowing access to the vault.

Can you go back to the Sierra Madre after beating dead money?

Unless they changed it for the Ultimate Edition, once you complete Dead Money you can’t go back to the Sierra Madre, sadly.

Can you take all the gold bars in dead money?

The Courier can find 37 gold bars in the Sierra Madre vault, which is accessible only during the quest Heist of the Centuries. Due to their tremendous weight and the script of the final questline, it is difficult, but not impossible, to retrieve them all.

Can you save Dean in dead money?

As long as you pander to his overinflated ego, you can save him.

How do you beat Dean Domino?

In order to avoid killing Dean, the player MUST agree to work for Dean in their initial meeting; otherwise, the player will insult Dean’s ego. Any kind of confrontational speech with him should be avoided throughout the add-on; this includes telling him about the bomb collar.

What should I bring to dead money?

nothing. You can’t bring anything into Dead Money. Leave everything at home once you unlock the fast travel point for the bunker, because you’ll need all the carry weight you can spare when you finish. Don’t go into the bunker until you’re absolutely ready, because you can’t leave until you’re finished.

How do I get out of the vault in dead money Fallout New Vegas?

The best thing to do is wait it out for a few moments and it will then let you walk through it. A glitch might occur after you’ve taken all 37 gold bars and leaving the vault the ending won’t appear, to fix this go back into the vault then leave again.

Can you find Christine after dead money?

Christine Royce appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money. However, her voice is also heard in the add-on Old World Blues and she is mentioned in the add-on Lonesome Road.

How do I get my items back after dead money?

AnswersYes, you do=) When you leave Sierra Madre area and enter the Brotheehood of Steel bunker, you’ll only find the items from the DLC in your inventory. … You have to exit the bunker to get your stuff back. thats how it happened to me and i had over 1000 pounds of gold to weigh me down.

Can you get kicked out of the Sierra Madre Casino?

After winning 10,000+ chips, the player character will be banned from playing games in the Sierra Madre casino. They can still use its other functions, like the bar, but cannot gamble on its tables anymore. This ban is permanent.

Where can I sell my dead money gold bars?

Who can i sell them to? Your best options are: 1: The Vendortron outside the Gun Runners building is your best bet, you can trade in gold there for expensive weapons and ammo, as well as a healthy amount of caps.