Question: Where Does Ed Go When Dismissed?

Do you get to keep Ed-E?

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The original ED-E gets all the same upgrades the LR ED-E gets, so functionally yes, you get to keep all the same benefits, but they are technically two different eyebots..

Who killed Boone’s wife?

Jeannie May, the unlikely woman responsible for the disappearance of Boone’s wife and unborn child, has been killed. Now, work your way back into the dinosaur statue and speak with Boone at your earliest convenience.

Should you nuke Caesar’s Legion?

You don’t nuke Caesar’s camp. And if it’s anything like the NCR camp, it’s not accessible UNTIL you nuke it so you don’t effect anything in the main game world (well, except for standing with NCR or Legion).

How do you trigger ed-e second log?

Audio log 2Listen to the Brotherhood Scribe (found in a classroom inside the Brotherhood bunker in Hidden Valley) teaching his class.Speak to Michael Angelo about his inspiration which not only will trigger audio log 2, but also starts the quest Classic Inspiration.More items…

What does Hardcore mode do FNV?

But Hardcore mode changes all that: now a stimpack will take several seconds so to work its magic, and in the heat of battle you’re almost certainly going to take damage faster than you’re healing. In effect, your health bar is diminished from near-immortality to frighteningly finite.

How Little We Know start?

Quick walkthrough Go to Brimstone and speak with Cachino. Steal the journal from his room. Pickpocket the journal he carries. Show the journal to Cachino and use it to blackmail him.

Can Ed-E use weapons?

No. Other than the option to upgrade the laser, ED will not use any other weapons. … The new laser can be fairly effective in certain situations against weaker enemies.

Where can I find Ed-E?

When first found in the Nash residence at Primm, ED-E is broken and lying on a counter. It can be repaired by having one of the following: A Repair skill of 65. A Science skill of 55, with a subsequent Repair skill of 35.

Does Ede die in Hardcore mode?

On Hardcore, yes, all companions can die. ED-E got steamrolled by a gang of Radscorpions in my game.

How do you trigger ed-e dialogue?

Trigger ED-E’s first audio log via dialogue about technology or the Enclave: Repeatedly talk to an NCR trooper standing outside of HELIOS One. You can also gain entrance to HELIOS One and talk to several troopers inside to trigger the first log. Talk to Doctor Henry at Jacobstown about his experience with the Enclave.

Which upgrade is better for Ed-E?

Ed-E is dead if he gets caught by a strong enemy on hardcore whether you have the defense upgrade or not, so you’re better off getting the weapon upgrade so you have a better chance of killing things before they get close.

Where are Ed-E’s upgrades?

All eyebot upgrade circuit boards are located inside destroyed eyebots. One can find these upgrades either during or after finishing Lonesome Road, even if ED-E isn’t a companion.

Is Hardcore mode worth it FNV?

Overall, hardcore is an interesting experience and I recommend at least trying it. You should also know that there are a lot of mods that increase difficulty in various ways, and once you’ve played hardcore mode you might be interested in trying some to further customize the game’s difficulty to your liking.

Can I leave the divide?

You can leave the Divide at any time during the add-on without having completed it, and you can return afterwards. “He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.”

Can Ed-E get both upgrades?

It’s a bug and actually doesnt upgrade it’s laser to do more damage. So you cant get both upgrades.

Does Ed-E die in lonesome road?

ED-E doesn’t really die anyway. That unit dies, but he broadcasts everything that he experiences with you during Lonesome Road back to the original model in the Mojave.

Should I bring Ed-E to brotherhood or followers?

Brotherhood will enhance his armour. Followers will give him a new weapon. And then there are the changes to the ending stories depending upon who gets him, of course. They both take off the license plate off Ed-e, but only the BoS will make Ed-e shiny.

What happens if you bring Ed-E to scrap yard?

When you repair E-DE, you take him to the scrapyard and while you talk to old lady Gibson, with E-DE as your companion, it will trigger a message from the robot afterwards, that’s part of his questline.

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