Question: Where Can I Find A Brush Gun In Fallout New Vegas?

Where can I find rare weapons in Fallout New Vegas?

Fallout New Vegas Unique Weapons Location GuidePushy.


Ruby Hill Mine.

oh, Baby.


Charlestone Cave.

AER14 Prototype.


Vault 22.

Love and Hate.


Bonnie Springs.

Alien Blaster.


Hovering Anomaly.



Mercenary Camp.

Vance’s Submachine Gun.


Wins Hideout.

Pew Pew.


Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters.More items…•Oct 25, 2010.

What does the Courier’s Stash give you?

Courier’s Stash™ gives players immediate access to four content bundles previously available only through pre-ordering Fallout: New Vegas®. The Caravan Pack, Classic Pack, Mercenary Pack and Tribal Pack each offer unique weapons, apparel and aid advantages that will help you throughout your journey.

What is the best gun in Fallout New Vegas?

Found in the Devil’s Throat inside a blue truck is the CZ57 Avenger, a unique minigun that has the highest DPS weapon out of any weapon in Fallout: New Vegas. With a maxed Gun skill and related perks, the CZ57 Avenger can dish out an insane 649.7 DPS rating.

Can you mod dinner bell?

You mean mods? Dinner Bell already has a choke attached to it (as a weapon stat), so the only difference is the trade off of slightly more damage, or 3 more ammo capacity.

Can you kill yes man?

You can’t kill Yes Man. He is supposed to be a sort of fail safe, providing a way to finish the game even if you screwed up with all other factions. Besides, the Yes Man path is basically the Courier taking over.

How do you cheat in Fallout New Vegas?

Press Enter to activate the cheat….Fallout: New Vegas PC Cheat Codes.Cheat CodeEffectplayer.setav Set your skill level to the desired amount (max is 100).player.setweaponhealthperc 100Set current weapon to 100%.unlockUnlock the selected physical lock or terminal.tmTurns menus and UI on and off.17 more rows

Can you mod Paciencia?

Characteristics. Paciencia expanded Paciencia is a unique hunting rifle. … However, like many unique weapons, Paciencia cannot be modified using standard hunting rifle mods. In appearance, it is less makeshift than regular hunting rifles.

How do you get the big boomer from Old Lady Gibson?

There’s two ways to do it. A: Steal her ammo, fast travel somewhere else, then return and steal the gun itself. B: Reverse pickpocket a strong gun and ammo for it(if it doesn’t use 12 gauge shells), fast travel somewhere else, then return and steal the gun.

What is the strongest armor in Fallout New Vegas?

Remnants Power Armor2 Remnants Power Armor Its the best power armor in the entire game, granting 36 total damage threshold when equipped. This armor also provides +1 Strength, +20 Radiation resistance, and -1 Charisma.

Can unique weapons be modded New Vegas?

Unique weapons cannot be equipped with weapon mods, with the exception of the weathered 10mm pistol, the Mercenary’s grenade rifle and the holorifle.

Is the medicine stick worth it New Vegas?

The medicine stick has a higher rate of fire, is easier to use at close range, has cheaper ammo, and is just plain cooler than the AMR. Plus people get sick of using it and the riot shotgun to just obliterate everything and want some variety in later playthroughs.

Where can I find a riot shotgun in Fallout New Vegas?

Locations. Camp McCarran – Fiends near McCarran may drop riot shotguns in poor condition. Gomorrah – The Omerta thug guarding the bank has a riot shotgun. This is generally the only way a low-level character can get one, as he always has one even at level 1.

Is that gun good in Fallout New Vegas?

That Gun is always my go-to early in the game. Much more powerful than the 9mm and 10mm and plenty of ammo available, like you said. Later in the game my favorite is the All-American. A great balanced weapon for long range and short range fights.

Where’s the All-American in Fallout New Vegas?

It is located in Vault 34’s armory (opened with the overseer’s terminal), on an overturned table to the right side of the armory. If a human or ghoul companion is following when the armory is accessed, they may pick up the All-American.

What is the best weapon to kill Deathclaws in Fallout New Vegas?

23 Answers. Extreme range, sneak attack criticals, and armor-piercing bullets are your friends versus Deathclaws. If you’re in possession of (and a decent shot with) a scoped hunting rifle or better sniper-type rifle, you can usually pick them off one at a time since they tend not to group up.

What’s the max level in Fallout New Vegas?

level 30In Fallout: New Vegas, level 30 is the standard maximum level attainable for any character. Installing each of the add-on packs Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, and Lonesome Road raises the maximum level by five. With all four installed, the maximum level reaches 50.

Who killed Boone’s wife?

Jeannie May, the unlikely woman responsible for the disappearance of Boone’s wife and unborn child, has been killed. Now, work your way back into the dinosaur statue and speak with Boone at your earliest convenience. Thankful for your help, Boone offers up a 1st Recon Beret, as well as 100 Bottle Caps.