Question: What Is The Strongest Gun In Fallout New Vegas?

Where is Christine’s COS silencer rifle?


Found leaning against the wall in a corner right next to an ammunition box on the top floor of the crumbling building outside the north wall of Little Yangtze..

What is the best assault rifle in Fallout New Vegas?

Assault carbine, marksman carbine, All-American or Survivalist Rifle might be what you’re looking for. Another vote for SR or AA. Mind you, both are semi-auto, not full auto.

What is the best sniper rifle in Fallout New Vegas?

Christine’s CoS sniper rifle adds good bonuses, but weights more. Gobi Campaign Rifle is not silent, but is lightweight. Trust me, stealth is your best enemy. Or, you could just use Anti-Materiel rifle with all the mods (Gun Runner’s DLC) and explosive (GRA) ammo.

Should I kill Lorenzo Cabot?

Killing Lorenzo is the morally sound choice to go with. If you don’t have much need for the serum then this is the option you should go for when faced with the decision to kill or free Lorenzo Cabot. The reward for killing him is the control of his “artifact”. This is actually just a gun, but its pretty cool.

Can you modify Paciencia?

Characteristics. Paciencia expanded Paciencia is a unique hunting rifle. … However, like many unique weapons, Paciencia cannot be modified using standard hunting rifle mods. In appearance, it is less makeshift than regular hunting rifles.

Can you become a NCR Ranger in Fallout New Vegas?

1 Answer. However, it is possible to get hold of the NCR Ranger combat armor or patrol armor and dress as one, but there’s no specific bonuses for doing so (and the usual results associated with wearing faction armour).

What is the most expensive item in Fallout New Vegas?

Some of the weapons and ammunition in New Vegas, in particular the GRA weapons, are extraordinarily expensive. For example Bozar, Medicine Stick, Sprtel-Wood 9700, and The Smitty Special are valued at twenty thousand caps each. Others such as Li’l Devil, Paciencia, and Esther are valued at over ten thousand caps.

Can you join the great Khans?

Joining the Great Khans isn’t as simple as some of the other factions. There are two specific quests you must first complete. The first is We Are Legion, in which you must kill all the NCR soldiers in Camp Forlorn Hope. Dead Sea, a member of the Legion in Nelson, will give you this quest.

What is the best gun in Fallout?

Overseer’s GuardianThe Overseer’s Guardian, arguably the best weapon in Fallout 4, can be found just to the southeast of Oberland Station, or slightly northwest of Diamond City.

What is the weakest weapon in Fallout New Vegas?

The Rolling Pin has the lowest damage of all melee weapons, I believe, which fits its status as a joke weapon. The Boxing Gloves and Boxing Tape inflict fatigue damage, which allows you to temporarily knock enemies out.

Is there a max level in Fallout 4?

In fact, Fallout 4 doesn’t have a level cap at all, said Bethesda: To our fans who’ve asked: Fallout 4 doesn’t end when the main story is over and there is no level cap. You can keep playing and leveling.

What happens if you kill Lorenzo Cabot?

If you kill Lorenzo, which you do by flipping the four switches on the walls, you head back to Cabot House with Jack where he give you about 500 caps. If you were kind to him throughout the mission, he will tell you to come back in a week.

Should I give the serum to Edward?

You can give Edward the serum or use Charisma to lie to him and keep the serum for yourself (it temporarily increases strength, resistance and reduces radiation, it is worth 25 bottlecaps).

Are there snipers in Fallout New Vegas?

The sniper rifle is a weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.

Should I give the serum to Cabot?

The serum is derived from the blood of Lorenzo Cabot, father of Jack Cabot. … Jack explains that while the diluted serum halts aging, the undiluted serum also provides increased strength and damage resistance. It is enormously helpful on the Island, neutralizing the dangers of the fog on the Sole Survivor.

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