Question: What Happens When You Kill All The Mongols In Ghost Of Tsushima?

What happens if you kill deer in Ghost of Tsushima?

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In japanese mythology deer are the sacred messengers of the gods.

So no killing them doesnt give you anything..

Is there an honor system in Ghost of Tsushima?

So, in short, there is no honor system in place in Ghost of Tsushima, and you don’t really have to worry too much about your choices and actions having some sort of major impact on the overall story.

Who killed Khotun Khan in real life?

JinIn the conclusion of the final battle at Izumi port, all of the three technically happened: Jin beheaded Khotun Khan and left his body in a burning Mongol vessel that’s on its way to sink.

How many endings does the ghost of Tsushima have?

two differentGhost of Tsushima offers two different endings- good or bad. Both the endings can be considered good or bad depending on your take on the Samurai’s Code and Honour.

Can you do side missions after beating Cyberpunk 2077?

Some quests will be locked after certain point of main story (you will be noticed about this) because i.e. characters may die or go away from city, etc. But most of side quests and other activities will be still available after story ending.

Is Khotun Khan beatable?

Much like every other major duel that you have encountered so far during Jin’s Journey, Khotun Khan will be no different. … Unfortunately, Khan cannot be defeated during this duel. As he nears his final blows, a cutscene will begin and he will escape for his warship nearby.

Do Yuna and Jin get together?

4 Jin And Yuna Might Never Get Together However, she and Jin becoming a thing seems unlikely. Back in feudal Japan, samurai marriages were arranged with a noblewoman. … However, nothing is impossible, since Jin’s samurai path takes a turn toward the end.

Why does Jin kill his uncle?

The Shogun orders Lord Shimura to kill Jin as a form of punishment for breaking the samurai code. … Jin eventually bests his uncle in combat and is given two choices: Kill Lord Shimura to honor his wish of a warrior’s death or spare him.

Why is Jin Sakai called the Ghost?

In 1274, a Mongolian invasion fleet led by Khotun Khan lands on the Japanese island of Tsushima. … As Jin disrupts Mongol activities and liberates towns across the island, the locals begin to revere him as “The Ghost”.

What happens when you complete ghost of Tsushima?

After completing the main story, you’ll be able to go back and explore the island of Tsushima without any limits (save for some story-based locations). You can spend your time to do side quests and complete objectives for your companions.

Should I kill Shimura?

If you killed Shimura, you’ll get the “Righteous Punishment” white coloration for your armor, as well as the Ghost mask and headband. If you spared him, you get the “Vow of Vengeance,” a crimson red dye that we feel is the superior of the two.

Should I kill Uncle Ghost Tsushima?

If you prefer the red Ghost Armor, you’ll need to spare Shimura. If you’d rather have the white Ghost Armor, you’ll need to kill Shimura. If you’d rather live in Dawn Refuge, you need to kill Shimura. If you’d rather live in Tradition’s End, you need to spare Shimura.

Is it bad to assassinate in Ghost of Tsushima?

The answer is ‘No’, the game’s storyline is not affected by any of your approaches to a battle. You can choose whatever playstyle you want, irrespective of worrying about the end of the game. Whether you choose stealth or not, the game will still believe that you are using dishonourable ways to kill your enemies.

What happens if Jin spares his uncle?

If you Spare Lord Shimura, Jin tells his uncle that he has no honor but he won’t kill his family. Shimura warns Jin that the Ghost will be hunted forever, but Jin takes one final bow and walks off. There are also a few other changes. Jin’s post-game home will be at Tradition’s End, northwest of Lucky Genzo’s Inn.

How many hours is Ghost of Tsushima?

20 hoursBased on our playtime, it can take roughly 20 hours to complete Ghost of Tsushima if you’re focusing strictly on clearing the main storyline. Completists can tack a few more hours onto that runtime as the game also features a number of side missions to complete and collectibles to find.

Can you beat Khotun Khan at the beginning?

After a key moment at the beginning of the game, Jin is face to face with the game’s antagonist, Khotun Khan. … So, unfortunately, players can’t beat Khotun Khan during the first boss fight. Players will always be forced into the same cutscene at a certain point.

What happens after defeating all Mongols?

Luckily, all the Mongol Territories are shown on the map after beating the game. No longer requiring you to find these locations and lets you focus on liberating them. Liberating the whole island will net you the silver trophy Master Liberator.

Can you kill all Mongols in Ghost of Tsushima?

Killing the Khan doesn’t end the invasion — there are still Mongol encampments strewn all over Tsushima. … All of Jin’s sacrifices to save Tsushima will not be attributed to him or clan Sakai, but to the Ghost.

Can you free roam after beating ghost of Tsushima?

Yup, you can still play whatever is left. So you can free roam after you complete the story and after you complete all side quests? Hey YoManItsAliBruh!

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