Question: What Do You Say To Manny Vargas?

Where can I find Manny Vargas?

Manny Vargas’ room is one of the rooms within the Dino Dee-lite Motel in the town of Novac..

Are the great Khans evil?

They’re a tribe of raiders who take care of their own and are trying to survive in the wasteland. They’re not necessarily evil like many other raiders you encounter, but their way of living conflicts with the other organized societies there.

What happened to the bright brotherhood?

Fate. The Brotherhood’s fate is indirectly linked to the fate of Novac at the ending of the game. … If the Courier kills Jason Bright and his followers or sabotages the rockets and causes them to explode, the resulting radiation will spread into Novac, causing it to be abandoned.

Where is Chris after Come fly with me?

If Chris is killed after telling him to begin the launch, but before the launch itself, his body will appear in Novac. If Chris is talked to during the end of the mission “Come fly with me” Chris may walk out of the control room and fall through the floor making the mission impossible to complete.

How do you kill a Nightkin?

Anyway, the best way is to just use a 9mm and shoot for one of the legs and keep your distance. The best place to do this is to lure them in the first room (I think there were 3 controller stations lined up in the middle) where you dealt with the first Nightkin.

Where can I find thrust control modules?

Location. They can be bought from Old Lady Gibson for 500 caps or 250 caps with a Barter or Speech check. With the Lady Killer perk, they can be obtained for free.

Why won’t Veronica wear her dress?

Veronica has a long-held dream of wearing a dress. Due to scripting constraints she won’t actually wear one (characters wear whatever apparel in their inventory has the highest DT, and dresses generally have zero), but she will still thank the Courier if one is put in her inventory, and says she will try it on later.

Can Boone die Fallout New Vegas?

They only die in hardcore mode.

Who killed Boones wife?

Jeannie May, the unlikely woman responsible for the disappearance of Boone’s wife and unborn child, has been killed.

Where does Boone go when dismissed?

They’ll go back to a designated spot. In Boone’s case, he’ll go back to his motel room.

How do I send someone in front of Dinky the Dinosaur?

Talk to Craig Boone about his wife, you can obtain this knowledge from Manny Vargas. Take someone to the front of the dinosaur. Equip Boone’s beret. Return to Boone and convince him with a Speech check.

Where does Jeannie May Crawford sleep?

Jeannie May Crawford’s house is a location in the Mojave Wasteland. It is home to Jeannie May Crawford, situated north of the Dino Dee-lite Motel.

How do I skip Come fly with me?

Fallout: New Vegas – You can skip ‘Come Fly With Me’ by accessing the terminal in his hotel room and reading the ‘Khan Hospitality’.

Can I just kill the ghouls at Repconn?

2 Answers. Killing Jason, or any other non-feral ghoul at the REPCONN test site will fail Come Fly With Me. … i.e you don’t have to kill anyone except the feral ghouls.

Where are the great Khans in Boulder City?

Mojave WastelandThe Great Khan hideout is a location in the Mojave Wasteland, within the Boulder City ruins in 2281.

How do you get to the Boulder City Ruins?

The entrance is controlled by Lieutenant Monroe. During the quest They Went That-a-Way and Boulder City Showdown, the Great Khans have taken two NCR troopers hostage in a building on the west side.

What happens to the ghouls in Come Fly With Me?

According to the end slides, they end up back in Novac, either helping with defenses and keeping it independent from the NCR, or helping with evacuation before it gets overrun by the Legion. So wherever it was they landed was close enough to walk back.

How do you intercept the Great Khans at Boulder City?

Option: Free hostages via negotiation Enter the Boulder City ruins and go into the Great Khan hideout. Talk to Jessup. By passing a Speech check (45), the player character can convince Jessup to release the hostages and have the Khans leave peacefully. One can convince Jessup to shoot his way out.

How do you get to harlands friend?

Harland asks the Courier to find one of his friends of whom he was separated from during the attack at the REPCONN test site. She was imprisoned and her remains can be found in the jail section of the basement.

Why did Jeannie may sell Boone’s wife?

Carla Boone’s apparent ingratitude grated on Jeannie May, who decided the best way to get rid of the problem was by selling her out to the slavers of the Legion, clearing a path to the Boone apartment so that they could abduct her with ease.

What happens if you kill every faction in Fallout New Vegas?

1 Answer. If you kill all NPCs that you see or even just the main quest givers, this will lead to your infamy with the major factions going up, as your infamy with a specific faction will go up if you kill any NPC that is a member of that faction.

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