Question: Should I Kill Silus Vesuius Or Not?

What happens if you don’t kill silus?

If Silus is spared: “You think to betray Mehrunes Dagon.

Suffer!” Regardless of the choice, two Dremora appear; they can be killed and looted for the Key to Mehrunes’ Shrine and Daedra hearts..

Are the Mythic Dawn evil?

One of these factions that were first introduced in the fourth game, Oblivion, is the Mythic Dawn. A daedric cult, the Mythic Dawn served as the game’s main bad guys and make their mark in the player’s mind by assassinating the Emperor, Uriel Septim, right in front of the player in the game’s opening.

Can you keep mehrunes razor?

Once he is dead Mehrunes Dagon will speak to you and then reforge the Mehrunes’ Razor. Once you have claimed the dagger watch out as Mehrunes Dagon will summon two very nasty Dremora whom will attack you. You can run or stay and fight.

Is silus Vesuius evil?

Absolutely yes. A descendant of a cult that not only actively tried to deliver the world to a very, very evil Daedric prince but came within a hair’s breath of succeeding, tries to open a museum…to tell everyone about it. That’s it.

Can you save silus Vesuius?

Try using a pacify spell. This means they will not attack for a while, making it easier to draw attention to yourself and save Silus. I think dremora are not immune to poisons. So hitting both of them with a paralize poison should freeze them and allow you to kill them without them hitting Silus.

Where is the pommel of mehrunes razor in Skyrim?

Dead Crone RockThe pommel of Mehrunes’ Razor is located at Dead Crone Rock, which is southwest of Markarth.

Can you enchant Valdr’s lucky dagger?

Smithing. It can be upgraded with a steel ingot at a grindstone and also benefits from the Steel Smithing perk, which doubles the improvement. The Arcane Blacksmith perk is not required, as the dagger is not actually enchanted.

Who is the most powerful Daedric Prince?

Sheogorath1 Sheogorath Sheogorath can be considered the strongest Daedric Prince in The Elder Scrolls due to his insanity.

Did Mehrunes Dagon die?

He had his Mythic Dawn cultists assassinate the Emperor and all of his heirs, but one was unknown, and survived. The heir, the Blades, and the Hero of Kvatch continually defeated him until the assault on the Imperial City, where Dagon was defeated and banished back to Oblivion by Akatosh himself.

Did alduin create Mehrunes Dagon?

What we do know is Alduin kicked him out of Nirn and he teamed up with the Get on Lyg. They forged Mehrunes the Razor on Lyg and may have given it to Dagon, The Leaper Demon King, (basically altering his Nymic) making him Mehrunes Dagon.

What level should I be to get mehrunes razor?

User Info: angelsdontkill. Any quest can be done whenever you want. Level 20 is when the Razor itself reaches its maximum quality.

Can you disenchant Chillrend?

You can’t disenchant unique items in Skyrim, this includes Chillrend.

Should I kill silus or not?

Kill Silus After you take it the quest will end, but Dagon will still summon two Dremora to try to kill you as “one final test”. If you just wait long enough without answering Silus, his nerve will break and he will attack you instead. When you kill him, Dagon will react the same as if you had attacked him.

How good is mehrunes razor in Skyrim?

dual wielding Mehrunes Dagger gives you a good chance of finishing the fight early. yes, its only 1.98%, but think about it. you can attack really fast so there is a good chance you will activate this effect. total worth it.

Where is Helgi hiding Skyrim?

You will receive a quest marker indicating where to “find Helgi in the dark”. Wait until nightfall to find Helgi “hiding” in her grave in a small plot behind the house. It’s a short distance away, up and to the right, marked with cairns.

Is mehrunes razor leveled Skyrim?

None of the Daedric items, including the Razor, are leveled.

How do I get into silus Vesuius house?

Silus Vesuius’s House is the home of Silus Vesuius, and a museum dedicated to the Mythic Dawn. The house is located on the north side of Dawnstar, close to the coastline. It is the last house in the row to the left of Beitild’s house. It is inaccessible until you reach level 20.

What happens if you kill Mehrunes Dagon?

What will happen to him is the same thing that would happen if you were to use the “kill” command: he will fall apart and melt. This does not change the game’s ending in any way.

Can Mehrunes Razor be disenchanted?

No. You cannot add an enchantment to an already enchanted item. If you are,modding, you can disenchant the razor and put the enchantment on something else.

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