Question: How Do You Start A Few Kindred Spirits?

How do I convince Zoe to return?

Kill all the Marauders surrounding the small cluster of buildings.

Speak to Zoe, and tell her about Stefan’s special surprise.

This will cause Zoe to commit to going back to the Botanical Labs.

Go back to Grace and report your success..

Should I accept flaws in the outer worlds?

Firstly, players need to understand that Flaws are permanent and will leave lasting negative effects on your character. If this is something that you are willing to live with, by all means go ahead and start accepting them.

How many endings are in outer worlds?

threeThere are three main endings to discover, but also up to 20 additional endings for specific characters and factions depending on your actions.

Is Felix a good companion outer worlds?

Despite his sympathetic past, Felix isn’t as endearing as most of the companions and often comes off as whiny and annoying. That said, Felix is a decent member to have around, especially if you’re not as experienced in the persuasion skill.

Can’t talk to Zoe’s outer?

Some folks have managed to get her to talk, but can’t get her to go back to the Botanical Lab no matter what they say. The key here are your social skills. You’ll need either persuade or intimidate to convince her to go back. If you don’t, leave the quest until you level up enough.

What happened to Zoe outer worlds?

Zoe Chandler in The Outer Worlds Zoe escaped her home to join the Marauders. She will tell you she was kicked out from Edgewater for getting sick and stealing medicine. She joined the Botanical Lab expecting outlaws and instead found a peaceful community, not to her liking.

Should I side with Reed or Adelaide?

Reed will humbly recognize that Adelaide is a better fit for the colony and step aside. If you kill him, you have to kill his guards too. And you risk losing Parvati as a companion if you don’t have 10 Determination to convince her that murdering her boss in cold blood in front of her isn’t that big a deal.

Should I help the deserters or Edgewater?

You must pick Edgewater or the Botanical Laboratory. This is your first faction choice in The Outer Worlds. Siding with Edgewater is siding with the corporation Spacer’s Choice, while siding with the Botanical Camp will help the deserters who are fighting back against the companies that control Halcyon.

How many companions can you have in outer worlds?

Companions in The Outer Worlds are NPCs that can join your crew on The Unreliable and assist you on your journey. You can have up to six crew members living on The Unreliable at one time and can have two companions accompany you on missions.

How do I talk to Zoe Chandler?

You can sneak around the back to the area where Zoe is, but you’ll have to trigger combat to be able to talk to her. There are many Level 5 Marauders to defeat so make use of the exploding containers nearby, and once you have dealt with them talk to her.

Can you romance in outer worlds?

The Outer Worlds: Are There Romance Options? Unfortunately, there are no romance options in The Outer Worlds. Although you can recruit Companions to join your crew aboard The Unreliable, there’s no way you can engage in any sort of serious relationship with them.

Who are the companions in outer worlds?

Unlocking Companions in The Outer Worlds Well, in total there are six companions that you can find and recruit to your crew – Parvati, Vicar Max, Felix, Ellie, Nyoka, and SAM.

Where can you find Zoe?

To find Zoe, you need to stop by her house and some journal entries. If you walk toward the Botanical Lab, turn left and walk into the house on the far end of the street. You’ll know you’re in the right house if there’s a journal page on a table to your right. Read it, and you’ll instantly learn where Zoe went.

Where is Zoe’s house in outer worlds?

Emerald ValeZoe’s house is a location in Emerald Vale on Terra 2.

How do you pick up the power regulator in the outer worlds?

To find the Power Regulator, you need to talk to people around town. Ask Silas, the town gravedigger, about a Power Regulator on your way into Edgewater. You can also pick up the A Small Grave Favor quest from Silas. Silas will point you toward Reed, the man in charge.

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