Question: How Do You Get To Cachino’S Room?

Where is Cachino’s room located?

Take the elevator (M7F:3), head to [Gomorrah Rooms] and then step into Cachino’s rooms.

Pass behind the guard and open the door using the [Lockpick 75].

Search the desk to the left #2 and you’ll find the Cachino’s Journal..

How do I find out what Clanden does?

There is a secret compartment that you need to lockpick behind the big round-shaped bed in the room where you meet clanden. Also, if you go to the locked door on that floor, you will find the body of a dead hooker that he has mutilated.

Can you wipe out the Omertas?

No, the rep on the strip depends on not wiping out anyone, because it supposedly causes too much disruption.

Do you have to kill Mr House for the NCR?

KILL! Yes you can kill him, it won’t change the NCR quest by very much.

Where is troike after quest?

He can be found in the Gomorrah casino, Lower Brimstone (through the double doors near the dance floor-unlocked using the Club Zoara key). Troike has a fearful personality, very talkative yet too reluctant and cowardly to reveal any information about the Omerta Family; he is also a chem-addict framed for murder.

Where is Joana?

Background. Joana is a prostitute who can be found dancing in Gomorrah’s courtyard or in her room at one end of the second floor of the courtyard.

Where is Nero Omertas?

the Gomorrah casinoNero is the leader of the Omertas living in the Gomorrah casino in 2281.

What do you do with the White Glove Society?

You can lie, with a Speech of 62, or use the cannibal perk, to tell him that you are a cannibal too (no infamy gained), he will be euphoric and explain his plan to return the White Glove Society to cannibalism, by killing or arranging a substitute for Ted Gunderson.

How do you complete the house always wins IV?

The player character can achieve this by completing How Little We Know, or killing all the Omertas. Upon doing either, the player character must then return to Mr. House. If one has previously done either, the quest will mark as completed automatically.

How do I disable Mr House?

Quick walkthrough The player character will then be able to choose either to continue with Benny’s plans or take on this quest, killing Benny. The Courier will have to head towards the Lucky 38 penthouse, locate the chamber in which Mr. House actually resides, and either choose to disable him or kill him.

Where is Big Sal in Gomorrah?

Big Sal’s office is located upstairs from the main casino floor of Gomorrah, next to the Zoara Club. In order to reach this area, the Courier must first go through Brimstone.

Where is the Gomorrah courtyard?

New Vegas StripThe Gomorrah courtyard is a location within Gomorrah on the New Vegas Strip in 2281.

How do you complete things that go boom?

Detailed walkthrough Once inside, go through the door on the left to the end of the hall to find Crocker. Crocker will ask the Courier to get the Boomers to support the NCR. Follow the map to Nellis Air Force Base and speak to Pearl to learn how to win their support. Complete the Volare!

Where are my weapons in Gomorrah?

The weapons are located in the room where you ask for chips.

How do I start the omerta quest?

This quest can be given by Mick at Mick & Ralph’s after asking him for work. He mentions that the Omertas have stopped buying guns from him without a word as to why. This quest can also be activated after talking to Yes Man.

Where do you enter Big Sal’s password?

It can be found on Big Sal. It is used to open his terminal and unlock the safe in his office. It translates to “Daddy’s Home!”

Where is Cachino New Vegas?

the Gomorrah casino and hotelCachino is a member of the Omertas family living in the Gomorrah casino and hotel in 2281.

Who has the key to Cachino’s room?

The key to the room can be bought from the receptionist with 300 caps (a Barter check of 55 lowers it to 200) or by intimidating her with a Strength of 8. Talk to Cachino about suspicious deals in Gomorrah. Talk to Clanden, return to Cachino and then get rid of Clanden.

What happens if you bug the Lucky 38?

Once the terminal has been bugged and the player character exits the Lucky 38, Emily Ortal may not be outside. After bugging the computer, Emily may enter the Lucky 38 casino to ask the player character if they have completed their task. She may even enter the presidential suite.

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