Question: How Do I Raise My Great Khans Reputation?

Can the great Khans join yes man?

Great Khans If the Courier does not speak to Papa Khan before killing him, they will not be able to complete the quest part with Yes Man..

Where are the great Khans located?

Red Rock CanyonGreat Khan camp in Red Rock Canyon The Great Khans reside in Mongolian-style tents called Gers (yurts) within Red Rock Canyon.

What kind of noodles does great Khans use?

Noodles for Mongolian BBQ You can use any type of noodles that you like, even thin spaghetti pasta if you can’t find Asian noodles. There are healthy, gluten-free options, if that’s important to you!

What is the best DLC for Fallout New Vegas?

Which New Vegas DLC is the best?Dead Money. 46 vote(s) 37.4%Honest Hearts. 16 vote(s) 13.0%Old World Blues. 39 vote(s) 31.7%Lonesome Road. 22 vote(s) 17.9%Jan 12, 2016

Where can you get a stealth boy in Fallout New Vegas?

LocationsOne can be found in the Goodsprings schoolhouse, in a locked safe (Lockpick 25). … Several can be found at the REPCONN test site. … Veteran Atticus in the Caesar’s Legion safehouse can give two to the player for free, each time they encounters him there during his visits.More items…

Where is Papa Khan’s Tent?

Red Rock Canyonref id. The Great Khan longhouse is a location in the Mojave Wasteland, located in Red Rock Canyon, upon a mountain cliff and is home to Papa Khan.

How do I increase my great Khans reputation?

If you kill Jessup it is still possible to get your reputation back up. You have to get all the chems for the guy at the drug lab, and then do the oh my papa quest (75 speech required) once that’s done, your rep will go up to merciful thug and thus being able to start the Great Khans side missions.

How do you become the leader of the great Khans?

If you complete “We Are Legion” for Dead Sea and kill Forlorn Hope, Papa Khan will name you his successor following “Oh My Papa”. You can then kill him and be the Great Khan’s leader.

How do you convince the great Khans to join the NCR?

Before you end the quest (by convincing Papa Khan), talk to Moore about an allegiance with the Khans (as opposed to killing them or something), then talk to Regis about allying with the NCR. Then go back to Moore, and she’ll tell you to off Papa Khan, since he’d never ally with them.

Are the great Khans good or bad?

They’re a tribe of raiders who take care of their own and are trying to survive in the wasteland. They’re not necessarily evil like many other raiders you encounter, but their way of living conflicts with the other organized societies there.

What happens if you kill the great Khans?

Option: Free hostages by killing the Khans Release the two NCR hostages in the building next to the Hideout. … Upon completion, the player character will gain fame with the NCR and infamy with the Great Khans.

What happens if you kill Caesar before Hoover Dam?

However, killing Caesar is totally possible, but killing him will only impact the Legion side of the main quest line. The Second Battle of Hoover Dam will not be affected by your killing of Caesar, the Legion will still attack in the same fashion as they do in any other style of NCR or Independent Vegas playthough.

How do I get to the Great Khan encampment without dying?

To reach the encampment without going through the deathclaws of Quarry Junction, follow the dirt path directly across from the entrance to Vault 19. On some occasions, many deathclaws may be present on the trail as well.

Does karma do anything in Fallout New Vegas?

The player character will only lose Karma for killing a non-Evil creature or NPC if they are assigned to a faction that is programmed to give the player character a Karma penalty for killing its members; by default, no Karma is lost for killing Good/Very Good characters.

Who were the great Khans?

Great Khans and Yuan dynastyGenghis Khan (1206–1227)Tolui Khan (as Regent) (1227–1229)Ögedei Khan (1229–1241)Töregene Khatun (as Regent) (1241–1246)Güyük Khan (1246–1248)Oghul Qaimish (as Regent) (1248–1251)Möngke Khan (1251–1259)Ariq Böke (1259–1264)More items…

Do you have to kill Papa Khan?

A) Selecting the “ghosts and martyrs” option with Papa at the end will NOT advance For the Republic correctly – the suicide bomber option seems to only work with the Yes Man questline. If you select this, your only option will be to kill all the Khans to continue advancing the NCR questline.

How do you kill Deathclaws in Fallout New Vegas?

AnswersAnti.Material.Rifle. … very very easy way to kill any deathclaw, its worked for me every time and they havent even scratched me yet. … This is the easiest way to kill anything, BY FAR. … AP ammo and aim for the legs to slow them down. … Use the Anti-Material Rifle (can be bought from the Gun Runners).More items…