Question: Can You Leave The Sierra Madre With All The Gold?

How do you escape the vault in dead money?

The best thing to do is wait it out for a few moments and it will then let you walk through it.

A glitch might occur after you’ve taken all 37 gold bars and leaving the vault the ending won’t appear, to fix this go back into the vault then leave again..

How do you escape the vault with all the gold bars?

open the vault door, and activate the stealth boy. move gold up the stairs, ideally the left set….drop the stack of gold in front of you, it will all stack together as one bar.move, unencumbered, as far away from the gold as you can reach and pick it up again.rinse and repeat.Apr 11, 2015

How do you trap Father Elijah in dead money?

To trap Father Elijah in the Sierra Madre vault, the Courier must have at least one of the following skills at 75: Explosives, Science, Repair, Lockpick, Barter, or Sneak. If necessary, use a magazine before accessing the vault’s control terminal. Build Your Own Bundle & Choose up to 7 games.

Where can I find a Stealth Boy in dead money?

You can obtain stealthboys in Dead Money DLC… There are no fixed locations, but it can still be found as a misc object. I’ve played though the DLC and used a stealthboy to obtain all the gold bars a few times before. You don’t need a stealthboy to take all the gold 😉

How do you escape with 37 gold bars?

Elijah will stand in front of you. When he stuns you, you will fall through the force field. Once Elijah wanders into the mines and dies, the elevator will unlock. Take a short walk to the elevator, you just escaped with all the gold bars!

Can you go back to the Sierra Madre after beating dead money?

Unless they changed it for the Ultimate Edition, once you complete Dead Money you can’t go back to the Sierra Madre, sadly.

Can you take all the gold bars in dead money?

The Courier can find 37 gold bars in the Sierra Madre vault, which is accessible only during the quest Heist of the Centuries. Due to their tremendous weight and the script of the final questline, it is difficult, but not impossible, to retrieve them all.

How do you get all the gold bars in the Sierra Madre?

1. Save before you enter the vault. 2. Go into the vault get Elijah to come down….If you want to get all of the gold bars from the sierra madre vault, try doing this:grab all of the bars before you talk to Elijah in the vault.when you have finished talking to Elijah, get out of the vault as quickly as you can.More items…•Jun 14, 2012

How do you sneak out of the Sierra Madre vault with gold?

You have to drop all the gold before leaving the vault and then pick it up again once Elijah comes in. After that, its just sneaking around him undetected before he starts his dialog in the vault.

Can you get kicked out of the Sierra Madre Casino?

After winning 10,000+ chips, the player character will be banned from playing games in the Sierra Madre casino. They can still use its other functions, like the bar, but cannot gamble on its tables anymore. This ban is permanent.

What do you do with Sierra Madre gold?

Go to gun runners and in one transaction buy $30000 caps worth of products. Just trade the gold bar for goods that way you get all the value you can out of it. Sell it. Sell it all.

How do you sneak past Elijah with gold?

In order to sneak past Elijah and seal him in the vault, resulting in the Safety Deposit Box achievement, simply leave the vault when Elijah comes down and remain Hidden outside the blue forcefield barriers.

How do you escape all the gold in dead money?

Once he’s dead, loot his corpse and place all the gold on his corpse. You’ll have to run the long way around to get to the elevator but since his body is within the force field, you’ll be able to loot his body on the other side, take all the gold, and quickly escape.

What level should I play dead money?

Dead Money is recommended for 20+, Old World Blues 15+, and Lonesome Roads 25+. My assessments up there were based on my experiences entering the DLC as the came out starting at original level cap of 30.

Can you revisit Sierra Madre?

You can go back to Sierra Madre. You can only go back using console command. Use ‘tcl’ in console command, that can make you walk through door. In the Abandoned BoS Bunker you’ll see the Sierra Madre radio in the end of the room.