Question: Can Lydia Be Killed?

Can Lydia die after you marry her?

yes she can die.

if she does, you can’t marry again..

Can Lydia become a blade?

Lydia, like most followers, has the option of being recruited into The Blades by being brought to Delphine at Sky Haven Temple after the quest Alduin’s Wall is completed. She can still be recruited as a follower, but her default Steel apparel will be replaced with a full set of Blades Armor and a Blades sword.

How do I know if Lydia died?

Open console, click on her. The number that comes up is her refID. If a dead body spawns at your feet it means she died in your game.

Can you revive a dead horse in Skyrim?

You just have to open console, write resurrect 1 and click on the horse.

Is Lydia worth marrying?

Lydia. Lydia is a better follower, so you’re better off marrying her for a portable store/lover’s comfort. If you don’t intend to have either of them follow you, then it really doesn’t matter.

Can you make Lydia a vampire?

Yes. She isn’t a werewolf, so she can become a vampire. Just complete the Companions quest line to marry her.

Why did Lydia die?

In the perfect act of revenge, Walt admits to Lydia that he dosed one of her Stevia packets with ricin, intimating that she poisoned herself when she self-administered the sweetener into her tea. It’s implied that she died, but it was never shown on-screen.

Can you permanently kill Lydia?

Yes, she can die.

Can Lydia drown Skyrim?

1 Answer. They won’t drown.

Does Lydia have to die?

“Just like other followers, Lydia can die if she does not get the opportunity to heal herself when knocked down. This can happen if she is hit by ENEMIES or if the Dragonborn damages her.”

Is it bad if Lydia dies in Skyrim?

Unlike some other followers, Lydia is not essential (immortal), and can be killed without you knowing about it. But with her unlimited arrow supply, heavy armor, and the fact that she appears early in the game, she might be worth the trouble for beginner players.

How do I revive Lydia?

point at her corpse, press ~ to bring up the console, and then type resurrect. You can do this to any npc, as long as their body hasnt been turned to ash.

Who is best wife in Skyrim?

Aela The HuntressThe most popular and best wife in Skyrim, according to the community, is undoubtedly Aela The Huntress. She’s a member of the Companions and also a Werewolf, following the teachings of Hircine. She feels great pride over her true nature and is a skilled archer.

What happens if I kill Lydia?

You’ll have to cheat to get her back, but it’s possible. First, its handy if you teleport her corpse to you, and then you can resurrect her. And then she will be standing alive in front of you.

Does Lydia die Season 5?

(Read More…) Her powers nearly kill her, but thanks to her friends and Dr. Deaton, she survives. … They go to the Nemeton together where Parrish has a vision, this vision includes Lydia dead.

Can you get Lydia back if she dies?

Dead Thrall allows Lydia to fight with you until she’s killed. If she dies, cast the spell on her again to revive her.

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