Question: Can Lily Wear Armor?

What weapons can CASS use?

Cass: Hunting Shotgun or Riot Shotgun plus magnum rounds/slugs.

Give her a bowie knife or shishkabob for melee,..

Who is the best companion in Fallout New Vegas?

My top three are Boone, Veronica, and Lily. All three are highly combat effective but Boone takes my top spot because of his ranged capability and because he’s got probably the most useful follower perk, (IMO) spotter.

Can you plant iris and lily together?

The iris leaves look great with the deadheaded lilies. I have short lilies and dwarf irises together. They dont bloom at the same time here,just a few weeks apart. The iris leaves look great with the deadheaded lilies.

How do you plant Pretty Woman Orienpet lilies?

Pretty Woman Orienpet LilyBulb Size. 16/18 cm.Soil Requirements. Well Drained Soil.Hardiness Zones. 4 to 9.Light Requirements. Full Sun, Partial Shade.Plant Spacing. 9-12″Planting Depth. 6-8″Mature Height. 48″ to 60″Flower Color. White.More items…

How do you start Lily and Leo?

Some quest stages can be started through the use of console commands:To start the medicine dialogue, enter set “160267”. ftimer to -1 and set “160267”. … To start the holotape dialogue, enter set “160267”. fresttimer to 1 and set “160267”. … To start the psychotic break dialogue, enter set “13e510”. bPsychoticBreak to 1.

Where is the dinner bell in Fallout New Vegas?

Location. The Dinner Bell is given as a reward by Red Lucy in The Thorn, after completing the quest Bleed Me Dry.

What weapons can Lily use?

There are only two holdout weapons which Lily is capable of using: frag grenades and plasma grenades.Assault carbine.Assault carbine (GRA)Baseball bat (GRA)Bumper sword.Frag grenade.Gatling laser.Sprtel-Wood 9700.Mercy.More items…

Where is Lily in jacobstown?

She’s right outside the Brahmin pen.

Can I plant lilies with roses?

Lilies fit in perfectly between roses as they don’t take up too much room. It is easy to find a spot for the tall and skinny plants. Asiatic Lilies start to bloom in the South Side Rose Garden. Plant Asiatic Lilies if you want blooms to start just before the spring flush and continue blooming with the roses.

How do you get Cass as a companion?

Companion. To recruit Cassidy, the player character must make a speech or barter check of 50. Alternatively, Cass’s Whiskey Challenge can be done with 75 barter by gathering 12 bottles of whiskey, of which 3 will be consumed.

How many companions can you have in New Vegas?

twoIt is possible to have up to two legitimately acquired companions in the party (one humanoid and one non-humanoid). All permanent companions have a unique quest line that can be followed in order to “upgrade” them, usually giving them new armor or new perks.

Can you mod dinner bell?

You mean mods? Dinner Bell already has a choke attached to it (as a weapon stat), so the only difference is the trade off of slightly more damage, or 3 more ammo capacity.

How do you get Lily as a follower?

re: Lily? talk to the doctor in the lodge to start the quest Guess Who I Saw Today, you get her as a follower during that.

Who is jacobstown named after?

JacobJacobstown is named after Jacob, a Brotherhood of Steel paladin and past traveling companion of Marcus, who together previously founded the town of Broken Hills.

What is the best shotgun in Fallout New Vegas?

New Vegas is definitely a game with weapon tiers, and Riot Shotguns are top-tier, with the hunting shotgun one below. The riot is a 12 round semiautomatic while the hunting shotgun is a 5 (8 w/mod) round pump-action gun.

Is Lily a good companion?

Lilies have been adored and considered sacred plants in different cultures for centuries. Today, they are still on of the most loved garden plants. Their deeply rooted bulbs and wide array of color and variety makes them great companion plants for many annuals, perennials, and shrubs.

How do you get Lily’s quest in Fallout?

To complete the quest, the player must listen to the entire recording and then open a dialogue with Lily. After asking her several questions and discovering that she has only been taking half the recommended dosage of her medicine, the player is given three choices: Recommend that Lily begin taking the complete dosage.

Should I give Keene the mark 2 specs?

Giving him the specs will cause him to leave peacefully. If the specs aren’t handed over, he and the two other nightkin will attack. … It is possible to use a Stealth Boy and reverse pickpocket a C4 plastic explosive onto Keene and his 2 nightkin before speaking with him.