How Do You Open The Cave Door In Vault 22?

How do you access the Pest Control in Vault 22?

Go to the living quarters area, inside one of the rooms there is a portible light on a shelf, next to it is a key to the caves, the caves lead to pest control..

How do you get out of Vault 22?

AnswersJust pick pocket Keely. She’s got the key.Find the gas and ignite it. Keely will give you the key.Kill Keely for the key.

Where can I download research data in Vault 22?

Speak to Dr. Thomas Hildern at in the Camp McCarran terminal building. Enter Vault 22 and download the research data found on Level 5 – pest control.

Where is the reverse pulse cleaner in Vault 3?

Motor-Runner’s throne roomLocation. It is found in Vault 3 in Motor-Runner’s throne room, inside a locker.

How do you complete still in the dark?

Meet with a Brotherhood scout near the NCR Correctional Facility and collect his report. Meet with a Brotherhood scout near the town of Nipton and collect his report. Meet with a Brotherhood scout near Camp Forlorn Hope and collect his report. Return to Elder McNamara with the three scouts’ reports.

How do I get into the storage room in Vault 22?

Six filters can be found within Vault 22, in a locker on the oxygen recycling level. The room can only be accessed by the vault’s adjoining cave system, due to debris blocking the normal entrance. A keycard is required for access.

Where is the terminal in Vault 22?

This wall terminal is found next to the door in the room with the entrance to the caves of the Food Production level. Access is granted using the Vault 22 cave door keycard.

Where is the HEPA filter in Vault 22?

Location. Specifically to locate the HEPA filters, go to the fifth floor of Vault 22, and take the stairs to the next level. Here a room is found, that leads back up to another section of the third floor. Open the door to the cave, then find a wooden door saying “oxygen recycling”.

Is there a grenade in Vault 22?

In Vault 22 with no grenades.

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