Ten Ways You Can Practice Typing for an Online Exam

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Ten Ways You Can Practice Typing for an Online Exam

Typing is not that easy as it seems although some people have good typing speed while some have average and some are too slow for this. Having a good typing speed is counted in good skills and is used in every domain of life. This skill is used in your education field and even in practical life too. Therefore, it is good to have a sound typing speed that will help you in completing your work in a much faster way. If you are a student and have an online exam soon then you must have a sound typing speed to complete your exam on time because if you have a slow typing speed even if you know everything you would risk your marks. If you have slow typing speed and you are worried because your exam is near then you have knocked on the right door! This article will tell you ten amazing ways by which you can easily improve your writing speed without any problem and will be able to complete your paper on time. If you still face difficulties then you can ask to Take My Exam and take help from some professionals to do your exam. Let’s see how you can improve your typing speed easily.

10 Ways Of Typing Practice For Your Online Exam 

1. Do Typing Practice Before The Exam

The practice is very important for everything to master things. You must have heard a famous quote “Practice makes a man perfect”. For example, you cannot pass a math test without practice because the nature of the subject demands practice. Similarly, if you want to ace in your exam then you must improve your typing speed by practice. Remember, if you think to do this thing on the last day you won’t be able to do so because it requires some time. Try to spend a half-hour a month to get hands-on practice.

2. Maintain Your Body Posture

Body posture also affects the speed of your typing. If your posture is correct then you can easily maintain your typing speed. Try to sit straight and keep your keyboard at a height below your hands so that you can easily type. Try to place the keyboard where your arms can easily reach it and give your elbows some support to type fast as much as possible.

3. Learn Keyboard Keys

Another efficient tip to improve your typing speed is by memorizing the keyboard keys. Almost all keyboards have a similar arrangement of keys thus, by learning the order of keys you can easily type without even seeing the keyboard. However, no one can memorize the keys but by regular practicing, you can easily learn it and your fingers will automatically tap those keys only.

4. Do Not Focus On Writing Errors In The Start

Most of the students type slowly so that they don’t make any errors. They write a sentence and also start eliminating the side of the error by side which takes more time. We suggest you ignore writing errors and type at your full speed. If you are typing on a word document then the program will automatically hire the errors in your text which you can easily remove after writing one complete answer. Thus, first, write one answer and then correct all mistakes.

5. Fingers Movement

Fingers’ movement matters the writing speed a lot. Try to place four fingers of both hands on the keyboard with some bend. Bending approximately making a 35-degree angle that will help you from muscular finger pain. For adding punctuation in your text make sure that two of your fingers out of four are placed in the central corners so that you can easily reach those keys.

6. Take Typing’s Master Test

To improve your typing speed you must have some idea that how bad or good you are at typing and according to which you can easily put your efforts. Numerous websites offer free typing tests among which the most reliable one is Typing Master. This website tells you your typing speed by averaging the time taken by you to type each word on your topic along with the varying length choices.

7. Free Tutorials

Once you know that how much you need to improve the next step takes you to practice. For this purpose, there is a website named Typingweb.com which provides free tutorials to people on how to improve typing speed. You can watch those free tutorials and can improve your speed by learning new techniques.

8. Sense Lang’s Game

After memorizing the keyboard keys and learning the placement of keyboard keys you need to improve speed in such a way that you can easily type without even seeing the keyboard. This is possible with the help of an amazing game named Sense Lang. in this game the letters fall in the balloon and you have to burst those balloons by hitting that letter before it falls on the ground. This game will increase your typing speed.

9. Type Down

Another game that can help you in increasing your typing speed is the Type Down game. This type of game is the time-based game in which a word pops up on the screen and you have to type that word in the box in the given time. There are certain levels and as you pass on the levels the game becomes interesting and difficult too but helps in improving the speed.

10. Type online Lessons

In the typing speed mostly students forget to increase their speed of pressing numbers too. The number keypad gets ignored and students face difficulty when it comes to type numbers. To this problem, there is an application named Type Online. This application consists of free eight lessons that will make help you in improving your number keypad speed.  

These are the ten ways that will help you in improving your typing speed. If still, that doesn’t work out for you then we suggest you pay for an online class and boost your academic grades by taking professional expert help to complete your exam.

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