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What Are The Problems Faced By Students In Online Classes?

Online learning has become a part of education from many years but the birth of COVID-19 became the source of giving peak to online education. Where everything started to reside on the internet from business to entertainment and education all transferred on the Internet because of this deadly disease. However, it might seem that online [...]

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Online Classes Is The Only Key To Resume Universities In Covid19

This pandemic has affected all fields of life from education to entertainment industry. The education sector has suffered but there is good news. Online classes are the solution to continue education in these tough times. Today we are going to tell you how online learning will save education and how we can all take part [...]

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What Are The New Ways To Choose The Career After The Pandemic 2020?

The birth of the coronavirus has greatly affected the entire world. It has not only confined people to their homes but has affected the political, educational, social, economic domains of each and every state. There is still a lot unknown to us how with the world be transformed under these circumstances and will it come [...]

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Ten Ways You Can Practice Typing for an Online Exam

Typing is not that easy as it seems although some people have good typing speed while some have average and some are too slow for this. Having a good typing speed is counted in good skills and is used in every domain of life. This skill is used in your education field and even in [...]

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